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You must have known about Writer’s block or might have experienced the writer’s block several times. I can assure you that if you are a writer or aspires to become one then many times you have faced or you will be facing the WRITER’S BLOCK. So, if you are not aware of – 

What is Writer’s Block then here it is – 

“The time or moment you want to write but you can’t write or you feel stuck in things and are not finding the right way to start your writing. This feeling Or dilemma is known as Writer’s Block.”

          Writer’s Block is a condition of not being able to write and to think about

                                                                how to start the writing.”  

Writer's block_ CREATIVEADITI

If you are into a writing profession, and feeling disappointed because of Writer’s Block is all normal. There are days when you feel disappointed with your writings and there are days when your clients are not happy with your work. 

It’s all ok and completely normal.

But it is vital to understand that this disappointment occurs in every profession. To overcome writer’s Block – Don’t judge yourself, and stop writing for a while. Be lenient with yourself. 

Yes, If you are facing trouble in curating content,  difficulties in writing something new then all these are something which is known as writer’s block


Writer's Block_creativeaditi

Here in this post, I am sharing the – 5 tips to overcome Writer’s Block

Accept it and it’s all ok to feel like this –

Accept the situation you are in. Writing is a completely creative and researched-based work. You should have good research skills and creative thoughts to write something new and innovative. But no worries. Don’t write when you don’t feel like writing. It’s all ok to have a writer’s block. Accepting any situation is the first step towards getting control over it instead of being controlled by it.

                                 “The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”  

When you start accepting yourself, you give an end to self-doubt which is your biggest enemy. 

Keep calm –

Many times we don’t get solutions to our problems immediately. Great things take time. 

           “Patience is an essential ingredient when you prepare for success.”

Once you accept the situation you start feeling calm and delighted. It is imperative to feel so. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find new thoughts.

You can even practice meditation to keep your mind calm. A Calm mind gives you new ways to think and thus you can beat the writer’s block.  

Meditation for to beat writer's block_creativeaditi

Go for a walk or take a small break –

Your mind and body are directly connected. If you are feeling stuck into something then give yourself a break and do some physical activities. 

           “You are only one workout away from a good mood.”

You can move out of your chair, wash your face, and go out for a walk either in a park or on the lawn. Smell the flowers and see the beautiful colors of flowers, leaves, and soils. Smell it, enjoy it. You should change your mind’s programming to all new things. This break can be of 30 mins to 1 hour (it’s up to you). 

Walk ot beat the writer's block_ Creativeaditi

You can also do some exercise like running – Benefits of running are tremendous or you can shake your body on your favorite songs. Do what makes you feel happy and then you can come up with new energy when you are back on work.    

Remember – 

   “Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude, and your mood.”  


Read the stuff you like –

Writing on some topics is very boring. No issues, that’s your work overall. So don’t get depressed by it. Take a break and read the stuff you like. Change your mindset and then again come back to work. Reading the stuff you like makes writing interesting, gives you energy and makes you feel happy. 

                                             “Read well to Write Well.”                                   

Reading to overcome writer's block

Adapt the Pomodoro technique –

Have you ever heard about the Pomodoro technique? If yes, then apply the Pomodoro technique to enhance your writing skills and to overcome Writer’s Block. 

If not, here are the steps you should follow while adapting the Pomodoro technique to beat Writer’s Block.

    • First, prepare your task list.
    • Set the timer of 25 minutes (as per the Pomodoro technique).   
    • Pomodoro technique
    • Start working on the task.
    • When the timer rings, stop your work and take a small break of 3-5 mins and also put a checkmark on a piece of paper.
    • After 4 such checkmarks mean after 100 mins of interruption – less work takes one long break of 30-40 mins.

These are my ways to get rid of writer’s block. Follow these 5 steps and make your writing easy and effortless. 

Enjoy writing !!

Enjoy Reading !!





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