winter skin care routine and tips at home

Cold frosty white mornings, icy nights, crisping and quivering winds, decreasing temperature all this makes winter my favorite season. But one thing which almost nobody likes is dry, rough, and dull skin. Dry, cold winds fleece the moisture from our skin making it chapped and red and reduce blood circulation. So how about Replenishing your skin with good moisturizing ingredients and Winter Skincare?

Nobody wants to sacrifice their beauty. Every one of us pampers our skin but during winters, the skin needs more care and attention to keep it hydrated, soft, and healthy. Winters are hard on the skin and It’s good to make favorable changes for the new season. 

In winters all of us love to take hot water baths but we don’t realize how much a hot water shower damages our skin. Use a slightly oil-based hydrating serum or a moisturizer to layer up your skin and lock in moisture.

Let’s prepare the different Skin Types for the Winter Season. 

1. Winter Skin Care Routine at Home –

To get flawless and hydrated skin during winters doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on skin care products. Less chemicals on skin is equal to more radiant skin. No need to break your bank this winter as we are here with some of the most effective home remedies to get hydrated skin. 

  • Apply ghee on your skin instead of parathas. According to Ayurveda ghee is a  house of fatty acids and gives tremendous moisture and a glossy look to your skin. 
  • Hot oil massage during winters, Woah! The name itself gives that relaxed feeling. Coconut oil is the versatile oil and most available oil if you want you can choose the oil of your choice. Oil massage will soothe dry skin and will reverse the negative effect of hard, dry winds.
  •  The Winter season is the queen of green leafy vegetables and nutritional fruits. So, go for vegetable and fruit shopping from green spinach to red juicy strawberries as these natural delights will do wonders on skin
  • Make sunscreen your BFF. As it protects from UV rays and also gives a glossy look to your skin.


2.Winter Skincare Routine Steps for Dry Skin.

Fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterols of our skin decrease during the winter season. When the weather gets colder the skin sheds off its dead cells. So our skin needs some moisture-binding ingredients. Here is a list of some winter skincare tips.

  • The Star ingredient for dry skin during the winter season is hyaluronic acid; it gives glowy and plumpy skin. 
  • Switch to an oil-based moisturizer or cream for a protective layer.
  • Sunscreen is winter’s best friend and it gives a coating to your skin and gives a shielding effect from harmful UV rays. 

Below is the list of Some Effective Winter Face Masks for Dry Skin.

Winter Skincare Routine_ CA


  • Papaya and banana are filled with antioxidants and good amazing anti-aging agents. 
  • Add a tablespoon of honey as it moisture to your skin. 
  • Include this mask in your daily winter skincare routine.


  • Almonds are rich in fatty acid and vitamin E which works great on dry skin.
  • Milk gives a moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • This mask will make your skin shine this winter. 


  • Coffee is a great exfoliator.
  • Mix it with milk or honey choice is yours, as both the ingredients are great moisturizing agents. 
  • Coffee will exfoliate the dead skin and honey will moisturize the skin and will give the younger-looking skin. 

winter skin care routine and tips for dry skin

3. Winter Skincare Routine Steps for Oily Skin –

The warmth of scarves, sweaters, thermals, and a thick heavy coating of moisturizers make winters more difficult for oily skin type. Oily skin needs special care during winters to restore and protect skin against harsh, cold winds. Let’s find the ingredients which are not greasy and won’t cause breakouts.

Check Out Some Effective Skin-nurturing Treatments for Oily Skin.

  • Avoid prolonged hot shower baths instead switch to lukewarm water.
  • Go for water-based products as oil-based serums and creams may cause breakouts.
  • Minimize the use of scrubs to once in two weeks. 

Some Homemade Face Masks for Oily Skin this Winter.

Oily Skin _ Winter Care_ CA


  • The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric helps in reducing acne.
  • Mix it with raw honey to avoid dryness during winters.


  • Tomato juice helps to reduce the oiliness and brighten the skin.
  • Add coconut milk as it acts as a cleanser due to its antibacterial properties. 


  • Gram flour absorbs oil from the skin.
  • Mix it with milk to give mild moisture to your skin.

Follow these winter skin care tips to get that glowy skin this winter.

Winter skincare routine steps for oily skin-

4. Winter Skincare Routine for Babies-

When it comes to taking care of a baby’s skin it is even harder to decide what to choose and what to not as babies fragile skin is more sensitive and delicate than ours.  

Better to avoid chemical products on babies and go for some natural remedies. 

  • Virgin Coconut oil is the safest oil for babies as no fragrance is added in it and makes its natural smell yummy. 
  • Use natural oil or glycerin-based soap or you can even make a homemade cleanser from milk cream and gram flour. 
  • Regular baths for the babies must be avoided and switch to a sponge bath as regular hot water baths will make the skin lose natural oil faster. 
  • Choose the cotton fabric for your tod as it allows the baby’s skin to breathe. 

Some face masks for kids that need to be added in the winter skincare routine for babies.


  • Chocolates are a good source of antioxidants and chocolates are considered to be a treat for kids. 
  • Mix dark chocolate with coconut milk to reduce the dryness and roughness of the skin. 


    • A soft, creamy gram flour mask just does wonders on a kid’s skin and it has been used for generations. 
    • Gram flour with a pinch of turmeric and saffron, few drops of olive oil and raw milk.
    • It helps in removing excess hair and saffron will give a glowy skin.


  • Plum and juicy strawberry are liked by everyone and its antimicrobial property makes it skin’s favourite as well.
  • Strawberry pulp mixed with honey and vitamin E oil gives healthy skin.


WinterSkinCare_ CA

 5. Winter Skincare Routine for Teenage Girls-

Are breakouts and pimples knocking at your door? No need to worry it’s just puberty is hitting you and it’s a very common teenage problem especially in winters. Greasy moisturizers clog the pores and lead to pimples. All you need to do is change your winter skincare routine. 

    • Wash your face at least twice a day to get rid of dirt.
    • Use matte sunscreen to avoid the greasy look.
    • Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet.
    • Avoid chemicals on the face, and use natural products as much as you can.

Some of the most effective face mask to cure pimples this winter season-


  • Neem holds antibacterial properties and suits almost all types of skin
  • Mix the paste of neem with honey to avoid dryness.


  • Cinnamon helps in healing acne scars and kills the bacteria that cause inflamed pores.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey. 
  • Microwave the mixture for a few seconds.


  • Aloe vera is famous for making wonders on the skin as it is full of antioxidants, and also contains antibacterial properties.
  • Add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil to make it more effective on acne-prone skin. 

winter skincare routine for teenage girls

Take Away –

Winters make us lazy but if you will stop pampering your skin it will lead to scaly patches and dryness. There are several other reasons for dryness like a drop in humidity level, some are allergic to woolen clothes, some are sun allergic. 

So, find your skin type and try the winter skin routine tips according to your skin type. 


1. Best Skin Care Tip for this Winter Season?

Dry skin takes away our beauty and it’s our duty to keep our skin nourished and glowy all the time for that follow these simple steps.

  • Drink enough water.
  • Cover your body with a thick lotion.
  • Don’t miss on sunscreen.
  • Increase the intake of healthy green veggies.
  • And most importantly stay happy.

Best skin care tip for this winter season

2. How to get rid of Oily Skin during the Winter Season?

Managing oily skin during winters is easier as compared to dry skin. But excessive oil will lead to acne so you need to be a little careful. Here is a list of some winter skin care tips for oily skin.

  • Use a cream-based face wash
  • Don not exfoliate much.
  • Switch to water-based moisturizer.
  • Gel-based sunscreen will be a better option for oily skin.
  • Don’t forget to count on your water intake.

get rid of oily skin during the winter season

3. How to make Moisturizers at home?

Nothing can beat a homemade moisturizer. It is advised to use natural and homemade products and ditch the chemicals to get flawlessly radiant skin. Grab some kitchen ingredients and prepare your own moisturizer at home.

Aloe Vera moisturizer-

Ingredients –

  1. Fresh aloe vera gel

2. Vegetable oil

3. Vitamin E oil

4. Rose oil for fragrance

How to make moisturizers at home

Method –

Take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or almond oil and at last add few drops of vitamin E oil if you want to add fragrance you can even add few drops of rose oil.

4. Do babies also need winter skin care?

Of Course yes, in fact, babies’ skin is even more sensitive than adult skin so they need more care. Follow some easy and effective winter skincare routine for babies

  • Non-toxic skin care is advised for babies.
  • Daily oil massage will help in maintaining good blood circulation.
  • Daily baths during winters should be avoided.
  • Soft woolen clothes will reduce the chances of rashes.

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