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Exercise is the way towards fitness. Whatever you do running, walking, swimming, gyming, one thing which is important is that your body needs movement with this sedentary lifestyle. One question which is obvious and always gets popped up into the mind of people is – what’s better – Walking vs Running? Here in order to help you, we have tried to throw some light on walking vs running

Basically we do either Running or Walking or both in order to keep our heart healthy, to stay fit, to have less body fat, to have stronger muscles and bones, and a sharper mind. 

I have been running for the last 3 three years. Before that, I was completely into walking 6-7 km daily. So I have practiced both walking and running and I love myself and my body when I am running or walking

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As per the Government of India Guidelines on Physical Activities “150 minutes to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity is recommended to 18-64 years of age”. Exercise or any physical activity releases endorphins and decreases the level of cortisol in our body, which ultimately makes us happy. 

Personally, I love both activities. I feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I do exercise.  I can take up any challenge that life throws at me with a peace of mind and confidence because running or walking makes me mentally strong.

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I always question myself, what’s better Running VS Walking, and with profound exploration and comprehension of this theme I found that both have their own importance and benefits. The selection of any activity between running and walking majorly depends upon your age, fitness level, and fitness goals. 

 Chances of Injuries in Walking and Running –

Running Injuries are quite common. Running is an intense form of exercise which increases the risk of having injuries. We cannot deny the fact that running is more prone to injuries as compared to walking. People who run have faced injuries while running because the ground reaction force in running is quite higher than walking.

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So, if you are at an older age, Or suffering from knee problems/pain or have any kind of injury, you should choose walking over running. Well, if you are young and if you practice Right Running Forms then you can save yourself from running injuries and can enjoy the pleasure of running. 

Calories Burned Walking Vs Running –    

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Indeed, we all wish to burn the highest calories in our workouts.  Whereas in walking we burn comparatively lesser calories as compared to running. It is also estimated that an individual burns double the calories in running as with walking. So if your goal is to burn more calories, you should choose running over walking. For instance, you burn 600 calories in a run and you will tend to burn 300 calories for the walk.

Walking Vs Running for Weight Loss –   

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 If you are on the higher side of your body weight, you will definitely want to shed some pounds.  When we take a walk or run our race, we aim for weight loss. Running is a high-intensity cardiovascular activity. So running can really boost the weight loss process as you burn higher calories and on the other hand, walking also helps in weight loss but it takes longer as compared to running. 

But if your ultimate goal is weight loss, you should pick the running for better and faster results. 

“The More, The Better” Concept – Is it good for Walking and Running? 

Simply by walking one can reduce the risk of diseases and prolong the life period easily. For walking it is like – “The MORE, THE BETTER”. 

But when it comes to Runnin -“The MORE, THE BETTER” concept doesn’t work here. 

”In Running, Too Much, Too Soon leads to injury”. 

One should not do running rigorously and too much otherwise it might be dangerous.  Keep a balance and listen to your body. Surely you want to push your limits and increase your stamina, but ideally, your body gives you signal. Don’t miss those signals otherwise it will be dangerous. 

Practice Under a Coach –

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Running should be practiced under a good coach. A good trainer knows how, when and where he should push your limits while running. Whereas the big advantage of Walking is – you don’t need a coach for walking. 

Right Place for Running and Walking

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You can walk at your desired speed and comfort at any time of day. At home, in parks, on the road, on the ground anywhere, any time you can go for a walk. It refreshes your mood and calms your mind down. Whereas for running, it is advisable to run on the ground or synthetic tracks rather than hard surfaces like cemented roads otherwise it leads to injuries. 

Health Benefits of Walking Vs Running –    

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Well, it is a complete injustice to support one activity and ignore the other. We can talk on walking and running benefits rather than walking VS running benefits. 

Walking helps in many unknown ways, from enjoying a longer life to strengthen muscles and improving sleep. 

While running too has its sets of benefits from building strong muscles to burning calories and maintaining a healthy weight. 

Both running and walking have their set of benefits and no one outplays one another.

People do have some questions related to Walking Vs Running Here we have tried to answer a few –

  • What’s Better –  Walking  Shoes Vs Running Shoes?

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Running shoes have a stiffer sole as compared to the walking shoes and have a cushion so that the feet are at an ease in the run. On the other side, walking shoes are more flexible and easy to bend so that an individual can easily walk in them without any discomfort to the foot. 

It’s important to wear running shoes while running.  Good, if you choose walking shoes, otherwise flat comfortable, any kind of footwear is enough. Walking shoes give a better grip and great performance.  

  • What is Speed Walking Vs Running Difference? 

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Speed walking is when you just walk at a faster rate as compared to the normal walk and it can be similar to Slow running/ Jogging. Speed walking can be advisable to young people who don’t wish to run and can pick the speed walking. Though it won’t burn as many calories as in running, it is better than walking.

  • What to Choose: Brisk Walking Vs Running? 

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Brisk walking is termed as the slow walk and tends to be very relaxing and brings no pressure to the body. It can be for old people or the people who have leg injuries and yet wish to move, these kinds of people can try brisk walking but running is still counted as one of the best exercises to date.

The Final Wrap on Walking Vs Running – 

To sum up, I have understood, No point overplays one another. Both have their own benefits and science. One should choose between the two according to their health conditions, age, fitness level, and fitness goals. 

Important is to run your own race, let it be running or walking. It’s important and advisable to run or walk for every human being from a young child to an old man and do what suits you and your body.

Keep Running and Walking, whatever you love.


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