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Today, skincare has been hyped up and is fairly the talk of the table among millennials And GenZ. The reason is apparent, and this era is inundated with chemical products and processed food. Perhaps, many people tend to undergo skin problems entailing acne, pimples, scars, et cetera. Moreover, people who are not suffering from any skin problems are desperately looking for an organic option to switch. If you are in the same way, you should resort to virgin coconut oil without any questionsIf you are not already aware of the diverse range of benefits of coconut oil for hair, then, you must give a read to this article. Let us start right away. 

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What is virgin coconut oil?

You might have heard of coconut oil, right? However, you should not mistake coconut oil like virgin coconut oil. There is a fine line of demarcation between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil in compliance with their quality. First of all, you have got to comprehend what coconut oil is. 

  • Coconut Oil

Coconuts are dried up for a few days, and after it, manufacturers carry out the next process. As in, now coconut oil has to be extracted from these dry coconuts. Different manufacturers have different extraction methods. One common and conventional extraction method which is opted by the manufacturers is compression. Consequently, coconut oil is taken out. 

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

To be precise, virgin coconut oil is a slightly higher version in terms of quality. Unlike coconut oil, virgin coconut oil are not extracted indirectly from dried coconut. On the contrary, virgin coconut oil are extracted from the fresh pulp of coconut. Just like coconut oil, manufacturers of virgin coconut oil also opt for different extraction methods, for instance – fermentation or otherwise. 

On the other side, another method to extract virgin coconut oil is by opting for coconut milk. Indeed, coconut oil can be extracted from coconut milk also. Regardless of the method of extraction, the quality of virgin coconut oil is not compromised. It is important to note that no harmful preservatives and chemicals for bleaching are performed to the final product. 

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Why Virgin Coconut Oil Is Considered Superior?

The answer to this question is blatantly straight. Because of the manufacturing and extraction process, the bonafide quality of coconut remains untouched. Furthermore, people do like the flavor consistency of virgin coconut oil, which is why it is popular. All in all, virgin coconut oil is considered pure. 

What are the advantages of virgin coconut oil?

There is an array of advantages of virgin coconut oil entailing the perks of coconut oil for hair and stuff. For this reason, it is important to acknowledge its benefit for its proper utility. Read the following points given below to comprehend the significance of parachute coconut oil.

  1. It is scientifically proven that virgin coconut oil strengthens the health of our skin. If you are lingering because of acne problems, pimples because of any health condition. You must put coconut oil on your face.
  2. Not only for the face, but virgin coconut oil is important for our gut health. In today’s time, we have almost forgotten the authenticity of these naturally extracted oils. You should give a little less priority to refined oil, and indeed extra virgin olive oil is also better. However, you should not overlook coconut oil extra virgin for cooking. 
  3. Virgin coconut oil is a good source of vitamin e. Apart from it, many health nutritionists and dietitians recommend virgin coconut oil for your children to boost memory. Furthermore, if your child falls sick often, switch to Patanjali coconut oil for a while because it aids in building immunity. 
  4. Cold-pressed coconut oil is also good for old-aged people. It helps prevent ferocious diseases like cancer, heart attack, gall bladder problems, et cetera. All in all, virgin coconut oil helps in maintaining our blood sugar level and blood pressure. It decreases cholesterol levels and helps in urinary tract infections. 
  5. Many people, all across the globe, believe that coconut oil for hair is the best thing. When you apply parachute coconut oil to your hair, it straight away gets observed to your scalp. As a result, it nourishes and nurtures the root of your hair and helps in its growth. Moreover, when you apply coconut oil at the mid and tip part of your hair. It acts as a serum and smooths and smoothens your hair. So, if your hair happens to be frizzy or rough, you might not like to miss this chance to switch to parachute coconut oil. The other important thing is that if you are currently experiencing hair fall, kindly consider coconut oil right away. 
  6. Last but not least, if you are truly yearning for getting that perfect weight according to your BMI. Switch to coconut oil extra virgin because adding coconut oil to their diet helps them absorb nutrients for people who cannot gain weight. In this way, if they eat healthily, it will count as good fat. On the other side, cold-pressed coconut oil are easy to digest. Thus, as a result, it would help you burn fat and add value to your diet. 

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What are the other applications of virgin coconut oil?

Now that you happen to know almost the entire scenario of coconut oil extra virgin’s utility. You have gotten to know its other application aside from it. Read the following points given below to implement all these applications in your real life. 

  1. As you have already gotten that, parachute coconut oil is good for the skin. You must also remember that you can use coconut oil for the face and skin for toddlers and kids. You can massage their whole body frequently at a certain interval of time. 
  2. It is needless to say makeups are harsh for the skin. For this reason, you must own a proper makeup remover. However, we know that these conventional products are costly. Hence, you can put Patanjali coconut oil under scrutiny and see if it suits your skin or not. If it does, it is an added advantage because you can use cold-pressed coconut oil as a makeup remover. 

PS: Take a small roll of cotton and dip it in coconut oil extra virgin. Gently apply it all over your face, and you will see the pinch of makeup coming out in the cotton. Subsequently, perform all the post makeup rituals by prioritising face wash at first. 

  1. You can use otherwise for your lips at night as it reconciles your chapped lips and makes them smoother and flourish. 
  2. Cold compressed coconut oil is considered the best detox. You can consume it as a detoxifying drink. 

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Which conventional coconut oil should you opt for?

It is quite evident and apparent it is pretty hard to acquire innate coconut oil in its raw form. In the current market, there are varieties of brands and organisations that sell virgin coconut oil. One good part of this extra virgin coconut oil is that you can use it for diverse purposes. For instance – coconut oil for hair, coconut oil for face, Patanjali coconut oil, and the list goes on. 

How to consume virgin coconut oil?

There is no single doubt that virgin coconut oil is good for your health. However, you also have got to be meticulous regarding its consumption. It is because virgin coconut oil constitutes high calories. Furthermore, it is an adequate source of saturated fatty acid. For this reason, you should make a specific routine to consume it. 

  1. You can consume it directly by adding one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to water. It helps your body in such a way that it lubricates your colon. 
  2. Otherwise, you can add one tablespoon of coconut oil to your juices or smoothies. 
  3. One of the best ways to use coconut oil is by adding it to your solid foods. As in, you can use virgin coconut oil as your cooking oil. For instance – making vegetables, baking, adding it to pasta, and the list goes on. 
  4. Apart from it, if you are lingering through a sedentary lifestyle, adopt coconut oil. After bathing, when your skin gets dried up, make sure to apply coconut oil all over your body. 
  5. As mentioned above, coconut oil is a good source of moisturizer. Apply it on your scalp and hair before you shampoo and condition your hair. 
  6. Apply Patanjali coconut oil before you go to sleep after doing face wash. You will eventually notice that your skin will glow, and your acne and scar will fade away. 

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Make sure that the coconut oil for the face you are buying is from a good brand. You can take the help of the internet or the people who have used it to vouch for it.

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