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Skin Undertones Guide : Know Your Skin Undertone Type

Markets are flooded with a colossal amount of foundations and lip-sticks shades. But which shade should I choose? Which shade will look good on me? Do you have these questions in...
Dry Skin_ Creativeaditi

The Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin and Things You need to know about Dry...

Are you browsing for the best moisturizers for dry skin as you feel as if your skin is cracking? Or your skin feels dry like a desert not only in winters...
Home Remedies for Dark Spots on Skin (3)

Dark Spots on Skin: Types,Causes and 5 Natural Remedies for Dark Spots on Skin

Everything You Should Know About Dark Spots on Skin Dark Spots on skin occur when some spots on your skin produce excess melanin than the usual amount. Melanin is a skin pigment...

White Spots on Skin – Types, Causes, and Remedies

All About White Spots on Skin that you should know - Ever got a white spot on your skin? Well, we understand that it would be irritating and annoying to the core....
Red spots on skin _ Causes and remedies

Red Dots On Skin: Causes and Natural Remedies for Red Spots

Imagine you return from your work after a long day and go to the bathroom to take a shower; you notice there are red dots on skin all over the body...