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Meditation Benefits : Know all about Meditation & Its types

If you also think that meditation is all about monks or Yogi doing contemplation under the trees then you have misunderstood it. Your brain too needs a pause/break. Doesn't matter if...
Coconiut Oil benefits _ Creativeaditi

10 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil and Properties of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most widely used oil. We all are aware of coconut oil that's broadly available all over the world and can be helpful to the body in several...
Sleep benefits_ Creativeaditi

Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep That You Should Know        

A sound sleep is vital for our overall health wellbeing, be it physical health, mental health or emotional health. In today’s rapidly evolving world Sleep deprivation is becoming quite common.  In this...
How to Lose face Fat_ Creativeaditi

7 Best Tips to Lose Face Fat : How to Reduce Face Fat

Face is the foremost thing we focus on when we meet someone and fat is itself a controversial topic when it comes to reducing it. Face fat is itself a matter...
Beautiful woman jogger outdoor living healthy lifestyle in city

10 Running Tips to Run Faster : How to Get Faster at Running

Being a runner we want to run fast and always try to make our runs effortless. For this, I would say - “Practice, Practice, Practice”.  Yes, practice makes a man perfect....