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Benefits of Walking_ Creativeaditi

5 Health Benefits of Walking Daily That You Should Know

As we all are aware of the fact that the benefits of walking are tremendous and  walking is indeed the best exercise for the human body. Why shouldn’t you walk? It's...
Coconiut Oil benefits _ Creativeaditi

10 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil and Properties of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the most widely used oil. We all are aware of coconut oil that's broadly available all over the world and can be helpful to the body in several...
Sleep benefits_ Creativeaditi

Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep That You Should Know        

A sound sleep is vital for our overall health wellbeing, be it physical health, mental health or emotional health. In today’s rapidly evolving world Sleep deprivation is becoming quite common.  In this...
Jogging _ Creativeaditi

Walking Vs Running : What’s Better for Your Health

Exercise is the way towards fitness. Whatever you do running, walking, swimming, gyming, one thing which is important is that your body needs movement with this sedentary lifestyle. One question which...
How to Lose face Fat_ Creativeaditi

7 Best Tips to Lose Face Fat : How to Reduce Face Fat

Face is the foremost thing we focus on when we meet someone and fat is itself a controversial topic when it comes to reducing it. Face fat is itself a matter...