Diary Writing

‘Journal writing’ if you have ever heard about it then its fine but if not then the good news is this article will help you to understand what actually Journal writing is and the benefits of Journal writing.       

Well, you may have heard somewhere – If you are in a dilemma or in  state of confusion – “Talk to yourself”. Journal writing is one of the best ways to have a conversation with yourself. 

A research says – 

       “Human mind thinks around 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts in a day.” 

That means we keep lots of thoughts and things in our head and less on paper. (if you are not into journal writing). These thoughts continuously get bounced into your head and make you anxious and overwhelmed. To make your mind clear, yourself productive & organised, journal writing is the best way.    

Most of the people ask what to write in the Diary or journal? Many aren’t even aware of what journal writing is. So to help them with that we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions related to Journal writing. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

What is Journal Writing?

Journal Writing is the process of writing down your thoughts, insights, questions, ideas, experiences, learning and more. It can be done regularly or whenever you feel to do so. You can also call it – ‘Diary Writing’.

Why I need to start journal writing?

You need to start journal writing to improve your concentration, to clear your mind, to make yourself happy, to find the solutions of your problems, to figure out what you actually need. 

What I need to start for journal writing

You need a quiet place to sit, a diary with pen or e-diary to note down your thoughts, experiences, observations, learnings, insights, questions. It needs commitment towards daily writing ritual, and honesty while penningWell, before starting journal writing you should have willingness to write. 

Find a quiet place –

Writing journal is ‘me-time’.  You should find a quiet place where no one can come and disturb you. You should keep your mobile phone on silent mode while writing your journal. 

Close your eyes –

Once you choose the corner of your choice to sit, you can close your eyes and start analysing the thoughts. You can recall your day like what has already happened, how was your day, how you can improve, What mistakes you have done, What good things/rewards you have received. 

    “Journal writing is the place where you can talk to yourself.” 

Start writing down –

Whatever thoughts are coming to your mind start noting it down on your journal. Ask some questions and start writing answers of those questions. Remember, journal is your personal space and you should be comfortable while writing your journal. 

When to do journal writing?

The best time is before going to bed. You can pour down your mind on your paper or on journal and with a clear mind you can have a satisfactory sleep. Well, there is no thumb rule,you can do journal writing in any part of your day or whenever you feel you can. You can keep a small diary or open your e-diary to note down the thought. Later while journaling you can elaborate the thoughts in detail. 

How does daily journaling help a person? 

It helps you to clear your mind, gives you a clear vision, increases your observational skills, improves concentration, makes you feel good,  gives you a chance to be true to yourself. 

Track your progress – How far you have come. You can track your achievements, success records, failures.

Recall your old memories – What you have learnt, your experiences, lessons which are going to help you in the future. 

Solutions to your problems – As you can talk to yourself through journaling you can write down the solutions. Writing down on paper will help you to find the solutions in a better way.

Understand yourself more – Journaling clears your mind and gives you a clear picture. You can understand yourself in much better way. 

New ideas – Clear mind helps you to think more creatively. Thus through journalising you can give birth to new, classy and unique ideas. 

Improve your errors – You can note down your mistakes and errors and analyse to improve yourself.

Encourage yourself – While doing Journal Writing you can say positive things to yourself andFeel grateful.

With Journal writing, you can give yourself a valuable time which increases productivity, creativity, concentration and makes your happy.

Benefits of Journal Writing – 

Well, there are many benefits of Journal Writing We have segregate accordingly .

Benefits of Journal Writing for Students – 

Being a student you should do journal writing to increase your writing speed and thought process. It helps students to set targets and to achieve further goals. Journal writing helps students to clear their mind, gives them direction, saves them from loneliness (incase they are introvert in nature or not having good friends). Journaling helps to overcome feelings of anxiety, fear and loneliness.  

Benefits of Journal Writing for Stress management – 

Journal writing is helping people to have control over emotions. To achieve something big in life, emotional intelligence and stress management are needed. Journaling helps you to have a calm mind through which you can focus on your work well. Stress increases the anxiety and brings the negative thoughts. When you do journal writing or diary writing on a daily basis you can figure out the reason for your stress, fear or worry. This helps you to think our solution rather than problem. 

Benefits of Journal Writing for Depression – 

Depression is the most common disease in India. The worst part is that people aren’t aware that they are having any such problem. Journal writing helps to decrease the negative thoughts as these thoughts will not take you anywhere. So better to write those thoughts down on your journal and write the positive things you have in your life. This way journal writing helps you to feel good about yourself. 

Conclusion – 

Writing journal has amazing benefits. You should try to give atleast 5 mins in journal writing within a day you can feel the significant and positive change on your body, mind and soul.   


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