sleeping benefits in Running

Well, If you’re on this post then either you are athlete or aspiring to become one. We love running so much that we are even ready to surrender our sleep many times. Leaving the concept behind that – “Sleep is a vital requirement for every athlete”. I have seen dedicated and passionate athletes doing rigorous workout and following strict diet plans (which is essential), but they often forget the importance of sleep

sleeping benefits in Running

Benefits of Sound Sleep for Athletes

Benefits of sleep are essential to know. When you are physically active or do running regularly then you must sleep properly. 

Very well said by, Joey Gonzalez – “Eating well and working well is incomplete without sleeping well.” 

You must have heard a lot about eating clean, eat well, eat on time definitely to get your body in shape and to stay fit. You need to do exercise and concentrate on your food. But sleep is also an important element to stay fit. Insomnia is also a big disease nowadays. According to a Research – Lack of sleep can put you to the mental disorder. The combination of all three i.e eat well, exercise hard and sound sleep is essential to have a fit and disease-free body.  

How to get sound sleep

Sleep is a part of our workout. One should focus on improving the quality and quantity of sleep (both matters a lot). We, as a runner work hard to improve our pace, we do splits, cardio exercises, upper body workouts, lower body workout, leg strengthening workout, core strengthening and all required to make your running better and thus you can get the benefits of running. But with all such things, we should not lose our focus on having a sound sleep. When you sleep you give rest to the body which is also essential.

Actually, some over-ambitious people often consider the sleep time as wasting one. They often work till late night and wake up early to do more workout and to stay productivity but they often forget to realise that sleeping time is the recovery time, resting time, healing time, not wasting of time. They often ignore the importance of sleep and which affects their health.

Once while discussing things with my coach he gave me the example of the cheetah the fastest animal on the planet. The one who can run zero to sixty miles per hr just in few seconds. He sleeps for at least 18 hrs a day. Even he gave the example of various athletes and sportspersons like Usain Bolt, Roger Federer. They excelled in their fields because they gave priority to their sleep. They follow a routine and strict sleeping pattern which repairs their muscles, heal their body and prepare them for their next run. 

The science behind sleep in a runner’s life –

The science behind this is – when we do work out then our muscles get break and it recovers when we sleep. The less we sleep the less time our body will get to recover the broken muscles properly. Experts suggest having at least 8 hrs of a sound sleep without any distraction to repair the broken muscles. When we get the sound sleeping our body starts repairing the cells and tissues. 

Sound Sleep Importance for good health
Sound Sleep Importance for good health

Negative Impact on the Body when Runners Sleepless –

When runners sleep less and do more workout then it puts a negative impact on the body of runners. As they are getting less time for recovery and their muscles are not repaired properly which reduces their pace, stamina and also puts a negative impact on the immune system. Thus runners should focus on getting more sleep. 


What is the Best Ideal time to take Good Sleep?

Even research says you need at least 7-8 hours of sleep. In this 7-8 hrs of sleep, your body will get enough time to repair the broken muscles, tissues and cells. Remember always you can – “Play well if you sleep well.” 

How better Sleep can improve your running performance?

Better sleep means you will get time for recovery. Recovered body and muscles can perform well. 

How much sleep do adults need or runners need?

7-8 hours of sound sleep. 

How to get the Sound Sleep or sleep better?

Make sleeping a routine. As a runner discipline should be in your life. Daily fix your time to go to bed. 10 pm means 10 pm you should sleep daily at 10 pm and then wake up at 5 am or 6 am. 

Try to keep mobile phones, gadgets away from your room, keep the lights off and read some good books before sleeping. These practices will surely help you to get the sound sleep. 

Run more, sleep more, read more, eat clean, meditate daily and laugh regularly to stay away from diseases and medicines.    


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