Markets are flooded with a colossal amount of foundations and lip-sticks shades. But which shade should I choose? Which shade will look good on me? Do you have these questions in your head while shopping? I understand here is the answer to all your questions. Find your skin undertone type. Once you know your skin undertone type all your problems related to shades will end.

Skin Tone VS Skin Undertone

If you are thinking skin tone and skin undertone are the same things than you are wrong these two terms are actually two different terms so first let’s learn what these terms are related to.

Skin color is the color of your skin that one can see while watching in the mirror in natural daylight.

Skin color varies from very fair, fair, medium, tan, dark, very dark. Skin tone keeps on changing depending upon the weather. In summers our skin is more melanin hence our skin tone looks more tanned comparatively in winters.

Skin undertone is the hidden skin color under the skin that affects the overall hue. You can not see your skin undertone.

Skin tone vs skin undertone

There are three types of Skin Undertone.

  • Cool- that has the notes of blue, red, purple undertones into it.
  • Warm- that has the notes of orange, yellow, brown, green undertones into it.
  • Neutral- it’s a mixture of cool and warm.

How to find your Skin Undertone?

It’s very important to know your skin undertone type. As nobody wants their make-up to end up by turning into grey and patchy. To achieve that velvet-smooth flawless make-up you must know your skin undertone and skin tone.

How to find your skin undertone

There are four simple tests in the list below which can help you in finding your skin undertone type.

First test: Look at your veins

  • Observe your veins carefully.
  • Are your veins blue, red or purple in color? Then cool skin undertone is your type.
  • Are your veins green, yellow, orange or brown in color? Then warm skin undertone is your type.
  • If your veins don’t stand out from your skin color it shows neutral skin undertone is your type.

Second test: Try on your jewellery

You must be having different color accessories at your home like golden ones, silver ones and rosey ones. Try on you and see which color suits most on you.

  • If white gold or rosy gold suits you then you have a cool skin undertone.
  • If yellow gold looks good on you then the skin undertone type is warm.
  • If both look good on you then your skin undertone type is neutral.

Third test: Put on a white t-shirt

If you have a white t-shirt then it’s ok but if not you can take a white paper and keep it next to your face.

  • If white-t makes your face color lighter, whiter and rossy then you have cool skin undertone.
  • If white-t makes your skin look more yellow then you have a warm skin undertone.
  • If white and off white both look good on you then you have a neutral skin undertone.

Fourth test: Suntan test

A very simple test for finding your skin undertone type but it is not a reliable test. The above tests are the reliable ones so stick to the first three tests.

  • If you get tanned easily in the sun then you have a warm skin undertone.
  • If you burn fast then you have a cool skin undertone.
  • If you first burn then tan then you have a neutral skin undertone.

List of flattering colors for different skin undertone

Don’t mess your look by picking up the wrong color. Clothing, accessories, make-up colors must compliment your skin undertone.

colours for different skin undertone

  1. For Cool Skin Undertone

  • Lipstick shades – pale pink, light pink, deep chocolate, deep palm, beige.
  • Clothing colors – rosy pink, sapphire blue, grey, black, violet, emerald green.
  • Hair color – ash blonde, light to medium ash brown hair colors.
  • Jewellery shades – silver color jewellery suits on cool skin undertone.
  • Note – try to avoid golden color as it will take away your charm.
  1. For Warm Skin Undertone

  • Lipstick shades- light coral, warm brown, nude brown, peachy nude, coral.
  • Clothing colors- olive green, mustard yellow, ivory, peach, burnt orange.
  • Hair color- golden, brown and black color hair.
  • Jewellery shades- golden color jewellery suits on warm skin undertone.
  • Note- try to avoid silver color it can ruin your look.
  1. For Neutral Skin Undertone

  • Lipstick shade- pinky shades for fair skin people and berry shades for dark skin type.
  • Clothing colors- mint grey, taupe, pink, beige, lavender.
  • Hair color- medium blonde or brown hair.
  • Jewellery- silver and golden both shades suits on neutral skin undertone.

neutral skin undertone, warm skin undertone, cool skin undertone

Take away thought –

Hope all your skin undertone related doubts will end with this blog. So, before you shop for make-up products keep these points in your mind and give your best shot at the party.


1. How to find the right hair color for your skin undertone?

If you want a top-notch look then don’t forget to count on your hairstyle and hair color. Hair color must also compliment your skin undertone type. Check the list of hair colors for different skin undertones.

  • Warm skin undertone – chocolate blonde, honey blonde, caramel, brunettes.
  • Cool skin undertone – light beige blonde, medium blonde, ash blonde, ebony brown.
  • Neutral skin undertone – gold, red ash and copper.

find the right hair colour for your skin undertone

  1. How to pick the right foundation color for skin undertone?

You must know how to match your skin undertone with your foundation. These are some shades of foundation sorted according to skin undertone.

  • Cool undertone – Silver, pink or rosy.
  • Warm undertone – Peach, yellow, olive and red.
  • Neutral – The combination of yellow and pink.

pick the right foundation colour for skin undertone

  1. Are skin tone and skin undertone the same thing?

Answer to that question is hell ‘no’ these two terminologies are actually very different.

  • Skin tone –

Skin tone is the skin color which we all can see in the mirror. Skin tone types are dark, medium and light. Skin tone can change with respect to the weather.

  • Skin undertone –

Skin undertone is the color beneath our skin. We need to identify the skin undertone color by looking into our veins. It’s of three types: cool, warm and neutral. Skin undertone never changes, it remains the same throughout life.

skin tone and skin undertone

  1. Can I change my skin undertone?

No, one can not change skin undertone.



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