Bangs short haircuts for fine hair

Hair extensions or short haircuts for girls with fine hair, what will you choose? 

If you’re having fine or thin hair, you can understand how it feels when it comes to styling your hair daily or for any occasion. Putting on hairpins becomes tough as they keep on sliding from thin tresses.  Many women and girls then think of using hair extensions to upgrade their look and confidence. But, hair extensions also need some base to hold on to. So, this is also not a solution to the problem of hairstyles for fine thin hair

Don’t worry we’re here with a permanent solution that will resolve your issue of styling your fine hair. We are talking about “short haircuts for girls & women”. By cutting your long & fine tresses, you can get a perfect short hairstyle

Today, we will tell you more than 10 short haircuts for girls that will not just make you slay like a diva but also easy to maintain. Before moving on to the hairstyles for fine thin hair, here is a quick go-through of types of short hair cuts for girls & women. 

Types of Short Haircuts for Women

Below are mentioned some of the famous short haircuts for girls and women:

  • Pixie Cut

A super famous hairstyle for women, the pixie cut has been trending in the past few years. It is a type of short haircut for women in which ears will be visible and is tapered on the neckline. Moreover, the edges of tresses should be soft for a more feminine look. 

pixie short haircuts for girls

  • Bob and Lob

Bob haircut is ruling the hearts of women for quite some time now. This short haircut for girls looks appealing as tresses are cut between the chin and shoulder. More often, the bob hairstyle is meant to take a curly look except for long bobs or lobs as they are generally styled with waves. This put it on the blunt side. 

bob and lob short haircuts for women

  • Bangs

Getting a short bang haircut is a great way to accentuate your overall style. The bang haircut is usually combined with other haircuts; for example, a bob haircut with side bangs. Your bangs (hair that fall over the front of your scalp to cover your forehead) can be cut short, medium, or long sideways or straight. 

Bangs short haircuts for fine hair

  • Blunt

This is the basic short haircut for girls and women. Your tresses are cut straight across, having no elevation. Nevertheless, it can provide an ultra-chic style to you

  • Shag

The Shag Haircut is another great choice for hairstyles for fine thin hair as it takes a few seconds to change your overall appearance. Having short layers on top and longer layers downside, this haircut was a popular hairstyle in the 70s. 

10+ Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Now, let us take a look at 10+ Best Short Haircuts for women with fine hair. 

Pixie Haircuts 

  • The Tomboy Pixie

Give yourself a Tomboy Pixie look to boost your confidence when moving out. This hairstyle features soft layers along with feathered ends to accentuate the jawline. Thinning out your bangs will give oodles of style to this short haircut.

  • Pointed Pixie

If you want to draw everyone’s attention towards your face the pointed pixie haircut is what you should go for. Both bangs and layers are cut pointed. However, this isn’t a suitable short haircut for women with harsh jawline or wide cheeks. 

  • Feathered Long Pixie

In this pixie haircut, the ends of your tresses are feathered out so your hair achieves a dimension. 

  • Moussed Back Pixie

Many hairstylists tell that combining a pixie hairstyle with mousse can create a stunning look. It can be done with convenience just by applying some mousse to a comb and combining down your locks. 

  • Slick Side Pixie

Instead of cutting down your grown-out bangs, you can get a slick side pixie look with them. This is one of the favorite short haircuts for girls with fine hair as this makes their fine hair look better and thicker. 

Bob & Lob Haircuts 

  • Brown Disconnected Gradual Bob

If you want to spice up your bob hairstyle, try a disconnected gradual bob haircut. In this haircut, the top layer of tresses at the back appears lighter, and it appears fuller at the final layer. 

  • Classic Highlighted Bob

If your short tresses are growing out then ask your hairstylist to give you a slick bob haircut. Don’t forget to add highlights for additional charm. 

  • Shadow Root Bob

Scanty fine tresses can break your overall look but trimming them to a chin-length bob cut can make up your appearance and self-confidence. It is advisable to feather out the ends for highlighting your jawline.  

  • Classic Curly Bob

If you’re looking for a versatile hairstyle for fine thin hair then you must try the classic curly bob cut. The curls will make your fine tresses appear thicker. 

  •  Blunt Bob

The Blunt bob is one of those short haircuts for girls that are not suitable for everyone. This is because all your tresses are trimmed to the same length. Girls and women with fine and thin hair will rock this look.  

Bang Haircut 

  • Upswept Bangs

Slaying a new pixie haircut can be better learned by Scarlet Johansson. You need to turn your bangs upwards using a round brush and mousse. Now, blow-dry your tresses and you’re good to go! 

  • Deep-Swept Bangs

You can comb down your bangs to give a super stylish look to your fine hair and erase that scanty look. 

An Exceptional Short Haircut for Girls with Very Thin & Fine Hair 

  •  The Deep Side-Sweep Tuck

This hairstyle is created by tucking hair behind the ear. Use a lightweight hair foam and comb down your tresses to get an exceptional look. 


All of the above 13 short haircuts for girls and women are sure to offer you a fashionable look while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. You can carry these hairstyles with ease and slay! 

We hope you liked these hairstyles for fine thin hair. Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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