We all are busy – Working. Even we don’t have time for self-care.

We are busying in – house cleaning, taking care of others, going to the office, cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning cars and wiping utensils. But have you ever thought before doing work for others, that you need yourself first?

Have you worked on yourself?

Guess what most will say “NO”. Even the majority will unable to understand – how to work on yourself, what is self-care. When you understand the real meaning of life and then you will realise the self-importance or why self-care is important?  then you will surely understand the meaning of working on yourself.

Self-Care: Are you working on yourself? 1

As you are the only asset you possess,

You are the only wealth you own,

You are the one who is going to live with yourself,

Why not? Make yourself an amazing partner who makes your life ‘Worth Living’.

Think about the things, assets, possessions, wealth, properties, gadgets, automobiles you want to acquire in your life. Think about the places you want to visit in this world. Think about the dreams you have.

Self-Care: Are you working on yourself? 2

How would you feel when you achieve it?


But what when your body will not support you. What if you caught by severe disease? What if you would be asked to have a bed rest till death? Would it be possible to enjoy your dreams fully?

Of course ‘No’.

Then why to rush over things which take all from you and gives nothing to you in return.


Take a pause and give some time to yourself. Work on yourself. Do some exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. Your body fitness makes your mind stronger and thus you can enjoy after the fulfilment on your dreams. Thus you can enjoy the fruits of the seeds you had sowed.

Keep chasing dreams. Keep exercising, set your self-care routine and keep yourself healthy and happy. You are precious.


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