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Being a runner we want to run fast and always try to make our runs effortless. For this, I would say – “Practice, Practice, Practice”.  Yes, practice makes a man perfect. But practice in the right direction can help you achieve the pace you want. 

People do have questions in their mind – How to get faster at running? How to train to run faster? and many. 

Here are a Few Running Tips to Run Faster and Longer – 

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1. Be Mentally Strong –

Always remember, running is not just a physical activity. It demands your heart and head too. If you really want to run fast or increase your pace while running then you should be prepared for discomfort. Train your brain to do more. You have to come out of your comfort zone and push yourself a little more to increase your run time and distance.

Comfort zones are wonderful places, But nothing grows there.


2. Regular Running Regime –

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The Idea is simple – The more you do, the sooner you become a pro in it. I personally run 3-4 times a week in order to run fast. Analyze your run time then gradually increase your pace and distance. Try to run 1 mile more every day when you hit the pavement. This way you can run faster and longer in weeks.

With Continuous consistent efforts, you can win any race.”


3. Cross Training to Run Fast –

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Well, it is good to have to cross-train as it helps you to increase stamina and also helps you to run faster. Try to run 3-4 days a week and in the other 2-3 days – do cycling, swimming, dancing to work on your muscles strength and body flexibility. This also increases the stamina of your body which helps you to run faster. 

4. Focus on your Running Form –

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Your running form, body posture while running play a vital role in making your run faster and enjoyable. Focus on your running form, keep your head and back straight, arms at 90-degree position, and put your feet slowly on the ground. A good running form helps you to run faster effortlessly. 

You achieve when you focus and make efforts in the right direction.


5. Core Exercises to Run Faster –

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Believe me, a stronger core helps you to run fast. If you genuinely want to run faster than before, core exercises act as a power booster in it. Add 10-15 mins core muscles workout – planks, side planks, crunches, leg raises, Russian twist in your routine, and see the changes in your running pace. 

Actually, your lean core improves your running posture, reduces the work of your legs, helps to run faster easily and thus makes running effortless. 

6. Lose your Weight to Run Faster –

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Out of my personal experience – “Lighter body aids to move faster”. When I started Running I was on the heavier side of myself. It was quite difficult for me to run smoothly. But with cross-training and mindful eating habits I lost 6-8kgs you won’t believe after losing weight my running posture, running pace all got automatically improved. 

7. Sprints to Run Faster –

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This is my personal favorite activity. We try to do it twice in a week. Sprints are the best way to increase your running pace. Sprint is basically the fast pace running activity for a short distance like 100-200 meters. During the sprint practice push yourself a little more to run fast. 

8. Take Rest to Run Fast –

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Rest helps our body to recover. The proper you take rest the faster you run. Daily sound sleep is essential for athletes. I suggest you not to do running for all 7 days in a week. Give a day break and let your teared muscles get repaired themselves. Recovery is needed when we do intense workouts. Some people make mistakes while they desire to run fast – they run all 7 days which is not good for body and mind. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, be lenient, and enjoy the journey to run faster. 

9. Right Fueling to Run Fast –

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You are what you eat. Be wise when you feed yourself. Don’t eat junk food otherwise running faster will only be a dream for you.To streamline the process of fast running you should have a protein diet, include enough carbs in your diet and eliminate the unhealthy and less nutritious food from your diet.

10. Stretching and Warm-up Exercises –

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Warm-up before you start your run and stretching just after your run is essential. These before and after exercises make your muscles flexible and flexible muscles make your running easy and faster. 

Follow these 10 running tips to run fast. I assure you that these running tips will surely be going to help you a lot. I have implemented these tips and tricks in my life and got the results. 

I am not a trainer or coach. I am just like you who love running and I have learned from my own experience. 

The Final Wrap up – 

Being a runner we want to have effortless and injury-free runs. Implement these tips and run faster, easier, and happier. 


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