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Looking for Running Motivation? You’re in the right place. Running is a great cardio exercise for which all you need is a pair of shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt to hit the pavement. Running fills your heart with joy, clears your mind from the worries, and shapes your body.    

Running is a stress buster_creativeaditi

                                        But for me, it completes my mind, body, and soul.” 

For me running is not just physical training it is more of mental training. It encourages me, challenges me, and inspires me to do more every time, every day. Running is like meditation for many. I have truly felt the n numbers of benefits of running regularly. 

“Running reminds you that even in your weakest moments you are STRONG. ”

Well, in these tough times when group workouts, aerobic classes, gyms are completely shut down, you need an effective exercise with social distancing i.e – Running.

Well, Undoubtedly it is quite challenging. Many people find running boring and tough to do. In such cases, finding running motivation becomes tougher. Follow these ways to keep yourself on the track every morning – 



  • Start Running Slowly –

    Yes, you are halfway there when you jump out of your bed and tie your lace to hit the pavement. Breaking the mental barriers is very important. Don’t rush, start with jogging a few miles in your first week. Your pace and distance don’t matter. Important is – you are running, in order to become a runner. 

Start Running Slowly_creativeaditi

  • Set your Running Goals –

Goals inspire us to do more every day. Set your goal to go for long runs on Sundays. Mark every Sunday and gradually increase your distance. At least in the first month or first 30 days don’t go for pace.  

                             For Instance – 

                                 Sunday 1 – 8 kms 

                                 Sunday 2 – 10kms 

                                 Sunday 3 – 12kms

                                 Sunday 4 – 15kms

NOTE – This is just an example, Listen to your body. Only you know more about yourself rather than others.

Goal setting will inspire you to push yourself in achieving your running goals and give you a sense of satisfaction which will inspire you to run more. 

Running Goals_creativeaditiRecommended Read –  Surprising Benefits of Sound Sleep for Athletes Which you Should Know

  • Track your Running Activities –

In the era of technology and apps finding running, apps are not at all a big deal. Track your daily running activities with running apps. It’s easy to track your everyday progress and analyze when you did well. This also aids you to run more miles.


“Running reminds you that even in your weakest moments you are STRONG. ” (1)

  • Find a Runners Group –

You can ask your friend or neighbor to run with you. Running alone might make you feel bored. Socialising is essential for human beings. Running in a group or with friends is going to motivate you.


Group running


  • Give yourself Running Rewards –

Appreciation is a must when you do something remarkable. Rewards are the biggest motivational factors. Reward yourself after every commendable run or when you break your own records like having a leg massage, jacuzzi bath, hot shower bath to relax your body. These rewards drive daily running motivation and thus it becomes easy to run more miles.  

jacuzzi bath
                                                                          Jacuzzi Bath                               
hot shower bath
                                                                   Hot Shower Bath
leg massage
                                                                        Leg Massage
Understanding what inspires runners to run is also going to help you or else you can find your inspiration for running/ running motivation through these activities also –  
  1. Motivational Running Songs-

Music and mood are strongly connected. Your choice of music directly influences your mood. Just create a playlist of the best inspirational songs for running or running motivation music and plug in your headphones while you are on the track. I bet you that these running songs will definitely give you the energy to run longer and faster. 

Running motivational Songs
                                                       Running motivational Songs
  1. Running Motivation quotes –

Reading inspirational running quotes/ Running motivation quotes gonna give you immense motivation. For you here are few – 


                                                 “Accept the days when RUNNING  seems impossible. 

                                                   Embrace the days when RUNNING seems effortless.” 


“The Faster you run, the faster you’re done.”


                               “There is only one way to succeed at anything and that is to give EVERYTHING.”           

          “The Faster you run, the faster you’re done.” (1)

                            “Finishing a Marathon is the state of mind that says – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.”                                             

Always Remember –  “Tough runs don’t last, Tough runners, do.”

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