Running Benefits for legs
Running Benefits for legs

     “Running is a meditation for many and self-audit time for some.” 

Well, if you are a runner then it’s easy for you to understand the above-stated quote. But if you still aspire to do running then this post is for you. In this post, we are going to share the 5 amazing benefits of running for your body. 

There are tremendous advantages of running, here we have listed down a few only. When I started running it was hard for me to run even 500m (without any break). But it is rightly said – 

“Practice makes a man perfect.” Same applies in running too. Once you start practising the running daily then you can easily feel the change not only physically but also mentally. Before starting my running ritual I have heard many people saying – they have cure big diseases like thyroid, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and even so-called incurable diseases like cancer.  

Yes, It might surprise you at first but really it does. I was also amazed by listening how could just running (a form an exercise) can do so much to your body. Later I started running and then I discovered the actual reason behind this. Running is actually a full cardio exercise which involves all your body muscles i.e from head to toe. You may feel running is a physical exercise what’s the need of brain here? But when you actually run for miles, when you push your limits, when your legs start aching and you still choose to finish your decided miles, when your body gave up and you continue to run then your brain comes into picture then you realise – it’s a complete “Brain Game”. It inculcates discipline in your life, you automatically start eating right, sleeping on time becomes a routine for you.

According to me –  “Running helps you to clear your mind, gives you a positive vision towards life, purifies your lungs, fills oxygen in your body, tones your muscles, shapes your figure, dissolves your accumulated unwanted fats and gives you happiness.” It gives you so much and needs just your time and dedication. “

I can admit running is not an easy task, but when you decided to run for your body, for good health, for fitness then it becomes easier for you to run miles and miles and hours and hours.  

All you need is – right running shoes, t-shirt, shorts and go out for a run on trails, roads, grounds, tracks anywhere you feel comfortable.   

To keep yourself inspired for running you can listen to running songs, read running quotes & books, watch inspiring stories of runners to stay motivated for running.  

Whether you run fast or slow, no matter you are big jumbo size or a lean thin one, the good news is you can start running any time of your day.

Now we are explaining the proven benefits of running for your body – 

Running Benefits for Skin – 

We all want acne-free, glowing skin. Well, running can help you with this. When you run blood pumps faster in your body which circulates the oxygen thus each cell can get the right amount of oxygen it needs to repair the damaged skin and tissues which helps the skin to glow. Also, running reduces the level of stress in your body. Stress is the major cause of acne on the skin. Running gives you happiness which radiates your skin from within. 

Running Benefits for Legs –

Running Benefits: 5 Ways Running Can Benefit to Your Body 1

 Running involves your each leg muscles outer thighs, inner thighs, hamstrings, calves, quads, glutes. When you run all these muscles get to break down and get a repair when you nourish your body well (by right food and sound sleep). After wear and tear of muscles, those muscles grow even stronger. Thus running tones your legs and make them stronger. But if you are suffering from heavy thighs then you should start from slow jogging and after a month you can increase your pace by running fast. Gradually you can increase your speed can help you lose your thigh fat.

Running Benefits for Brain – 

Exercise like running increases the amount of blood flow in your body which increases the supply of oxygen in the brain thus it boosts the efficiency of the brain which results in creativity and happiness. Running reduces the depression and improve mood by releasing endorphins which are responsible for triggering positive feelings in your body. Even research says – 

      “30 mins of running is enough to lift the mood of a person who is suffering from major depression.”   

Running Benefits for Heart – 

Running is a cardiovascular activity which involves your heart muscles. The more you work on a muscle, the bigger it grows. Same when you run regularly then you work on your heart muscles, which is the most important muscles of your body when it becomes stronger the chances of living a long and healthy life increases.   

Running Benefits for Weight loss – 

Running Benefits: 5 Ways Running Can Benefit to Your Body 2
Running helps you to lose weight

If you are fade up from your weight gain then you must try running now. Start from enrolling for 5kms run-walk program practice for it then increase the size of your goals and practice hard for it. You can easily shed your pounds if you religiously follow the running ritual. If was slightly on the healthier side I need to lose 6-8 kgs weight I started running and follow the diet plan. With consistency, I achieved my target and now I am a healthy person. 

Running has much more benefits than this, once you start running you can feel the difference it gives. For me running is a passion, meditation and workout which gives your happiness. 

What is running for you? Write to us in a comment and share my blog if you like it. 


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