Red spots on skin _ Causes and remedies

Imagine you return from your work after a long day and go to the bathroom to take a shower; you notice there are red dots on skin all over the body with a little itchiness at some places. You look closely and find there have been rashes as well. You feel outrageous, looking at this and wonder what could be the reason. Well, it happens with many of us, and we panic at times, looking at the way how it spread in a short span.

If it happens to you, then the first thing you need to do is not to panic because when you do that, you can’t decide what to do to get rid of it. Few people tend to self-diagnose such symptoms; however, it is not a wise thing to do. Though there could be a variety of reasons for tiny red dots on skin, the most common ones are the following.

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Heat rash:

It is the most common type of small red dots on skin. It happens when the pores to the discharge of sweat get clogged. These red itchy red dots on skin are usually filled with a clear liquid. Heat rashes can be found more at places like armpit, shoulder, etc. where skin rubs. These rashes typically go away once the surface cools down if the itchiness is more than you can use calamine lotion or ointments etc.

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Ringworm is caused by fungus and can appear anywhere on the body. You can see a cluster of little red dots on the skin in a circular pattern. This skin disease is infectious, and if you rub the place with your nails and then touch any other place on your body, the problem will appear at that place as well. It can happen to any other person who comes in contact with you. The fungi do not go away without treatment by some anti-fungal lotion, cream, etc.


It is a chronic skin disease that is caused by a hyperactive immune system. It happens when the skin cells multiply quicker than typical situations. There will be silver or red itchy spots on the skin that can crack at times and bleed—diagnosing psoriasis can be severe at times, as it looks like other skin disorders like eczema. At times, the doctor may need to do a biopsy to be sure about it.

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Pityriasis rosea:

Pityriasis rosea is a skin condition caused by a virus that produces a red rash. The rash usually starts with a large oval-shaped red patch and then surrounded by tiny red dots on skin. It can appear on the chest, back, or abdomen region. Pityriasis rosea usually goes away on its own in six to eight weeks. There will be itchiness during that time. To soothe it, you can use calamine lotion.

Cherry Angiomas:

It is a red mole-like growth on the skin that is made up of dilated blood vessels or capillaries. It is the most common type of angioma. These bright red dry spots on the skin start developing once you are older than 30 years. These little red spots on skin are usually harmless, but if you notice a sudden outbreak or feel uncomfortable, then you should visit a doctor.

Skin Cancer:

Often, we tend to ignore skin problems; however, it can be dangerous on some occasions. It can be spotted easily if you take a little care about it. The cancer red spots in the skin can have brown, black, or blue areas. Initially, it looks like a scar but grows quite rapidly. If you observe the sore does not heal in a few weeks instead of expands then, it can be a sign of skin cancer, and you must visit a doctor at the earliest.

What are the natural remedies for red dots on skin?

Most of the red spots on the skin are mild but can be discomforting at times. There are natural ways to treat skin problems that are not serious. Here are some home-made tips for dealing with red itchy spots on the skin.

Oatmeal bath:

Oat is a very effective natural way to treat the skin problem. The oatmeal suspension can be applied to the skin to soothe itchiness and treat red rashes. The anti-inflammatory substances like oleic oil, linoleic present in oat make it a useful natural treatment for red rashes on the skin.

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Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a powerful her that is useful in treating various skin problems like red itchy spots on the skin. Fresh aloe Vera juice contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory substances that can treat many skin problems. The antioxidant properties soothe irritated and itchy skin and give relief.

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Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is useful in treating several types of skin problems. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in treating acne, red spots on scalps, etc. It should be used with some other oil like coconut or olive oil, as it can cause dryness.

When do I visit a dermatologist if I see red dots on skin?

There are multiple types of red spots on the skin. While most of them are not threatening and go away or can be treated naturally; however, ignoring it can be foolish, especially if it does not go away in a few weeks. It can be dangerous at times if you try to self-diagnose and take medicines available over the counters.

This article is a guide to give you a preliminary idea of common types of red dots on skin. We have highlighted the reason and natural ways to treat these skin conditions. However, this is not a replacement for a doctor’s advice. If you observe a red spot is not going away after trying a natural way, then you must visit a skin specialist without any delay.

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