Leh Ladakh Snow covered mountains
Leh Ladakh Snow covered mountains

Leh-Ladakh Road Trip is one of the most desirable trips in anyone’s life. Every young guy in India plans to visit Leh Ladakh in their life. It’s a kind of must-have wish in your bucket list. Visiting Leh Ladakh with your friends or your adventure group fills your heart with thrill and excitement. The enjoyment touches the sky if you prefer to go via road. Yes, Leh Ladakh road trip or Leh-Ladakh bike trip will double your excitement and fill your journey with adventure and thrill.

What is great about Leh Trip?

Leh Ladakh road trip is full of colourful mountains, monasteries, scenic views, snow-covered mountains, green river water, sky touching mountains with narrow roads and blind turns make your Leh trip full of life and excitement.

What are the challenges of Leh Ladakh Trip?

Undoubtedly, it is quite challenging mentally and physically both. Because of its great height passes, blind turns, extreme cold, low oxygen level, lack of infrastructure, Leh Ladakh weather and unpredictable climatic conditions.

What is the right age to visit Leh-Ladakh?

We suggest you go on Leh Ladakh road trip before you turn 40. The young body and blood have enough energy to deal with adverse climatic conditions and high mountains journey. With sound body you can enjoy the scenic view makes Leh Ladakh full of adventure.

How and where to start the Leh road trip?

Well, there is 2 major way to reach Leh one from Srinagar Leh highway and Leh-Manali Highway. Most of the people suggest to choose Manali Leh highway to reach Leh and for the return journey, they suggest to choose Leh-Srinagar highway. 

Which route is better? Manali- Leh highway or Srinagar-Leh highway?

It depends. It depends on with whom you are going with and how much adventure you love. Srinagar-Leh highway is much easier than the Manali-Leh highway. If you are planning to visit Leh with family and adventure is not something you can die for then Srinagar- Leh highway is best for you. Else you can choose Manali-Leh highway also. Mark this – Both highways are beautiful in its own.  If you are biker and love challenges Manali- Leh highway is quite tough than Srinagar-Leh highway. Choose bike ride if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Leh Ladakh.

How many days it will take when you choose Manali- Leh -Srinagar Highway?

The whole Journey It takes around 15-20 days. As reaching Leh from Manali via road is an adventurous journey. The Journey is not that easy and you need to be an expert or keep an experienced driver along with you.

What precautions one should take while visiting Leh Ladakh?

One can enjoy the Leh-Ladakh trip if certain measures are taken into account before and during the trip –  

Take your necessary medicines – If you are taking Medicines on regular basis then you should take those pills and set your reminder for medicines on your mobile phone for taking pills. In fact, you should carry some orange candies, mouth fresheners and fennel seeds to eat when you feel motion sickness or vomiting. 

Carry Sport shoes – While riding bikes sports shoes are preferable. Sport shoes cover your feet gives you a good grip. Even at several places, you will find a thick layer of snow there, sports shoes will save you from the cold breeze and saves you to get slide over the snow. 

Choose Leather Jackets over woollen clothes – Leather jacket won’t get wet when you encounter with snowfall and thus without worry you can enjoy the pleasure of snowfall. 

Wear hand gloves, woollen cap and cover your face – While doing bike ride cover yourself from head to toe. You should wear hand gloves, woollen cap, leather jacket, jeans are good to wear saves you from low and very low temperatures. 

Shades to save your eyes from UV rays – Carrying glasses and shades will save your eyes from sunlight reflection and keeps your eyes cool. 

Leh Ladakh road trip gives an awesome experience in its own. If you have not been there till now you must plan it now. Happy journey in Advance.


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