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Your skin undertone is not falling under any of three cool, warm and neutral undertones. Then you definitely fall into the olive skin undertone type. Olive skin undertone is a mixture of yellow and greenish-grey hue. This undertone is a unique undertone with significantly different characteristics. Olive can be a very tricky undertone to identify and work with.

Are you wondering why you are not able to nail that flawless look? Is your foundation not complimenting your skin undertone? There are chances that you might be confused about your skin undertone type.

Before you step out for shopping for olive skin undertone then first learn which shades will look good on your undertone type and these colors will make you look more vibrant.

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What is the Olive Skin Undertone?

People often miss understanding between neutral skin undertone and olive skin undertone. The olive skin undertone is different from the neutral skin undertone.

There is a myth related to the olive skin undertone. That Olive skin undertone means medium to dark skin which is absolutely not true. One can be very very pale with an olive skin undertone.

Problems related to Olive Skin Undertone:

  • Skin got easily tanned
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • skin-discoloration

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How to know whether you had Olive Skin or not?

You can undertake some simple tests to find out if olive undertone skin is your type or not.

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Test 1: Observe your Skin color

When you need to find out your skin undertone not just look at your face in the mirror because due to hormones, seasons, cosmetics, acne can alter your face color. You need to check out some body parts in daylight such as.

  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • inner upper arms
  • Wrist
  • Inner thigh

Test 2: Compare your wrist

Compare your wrist with someone with similar depth avoid comparing it with too much paler or too much darker skin tone people. Secondly, do this test in bright daylight as in door lighting can change your skin color. If green color is easily noticeable then it means you hold green undertone type.

Test 3: Foundation Test

Foundation often turns out too yellow or orange on your skin even if the foundation is the right depth.

Test 4: Lipstick Test

Are you wondering why light and pink shade lipsticks don’t look good on you? It’s not lipstick fault it’s just your skin undertone. This is a simple test to check whether you fall into an olive tone or not.

Best hair color for Olive Undertone Skin

Are you planning to dye your hair to change your look?

But be very careful while choosing your hair colour as it can even take away your charm. Here is the list of some flattering colours which you can keep in your head while choosing your hair colour.

  • Honey blonde
  • Golden blonde
  • Balayage
  • Bronze
  • Caramel
  • Mocha
  • Cherry red
  • Burgundy

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Some make-up and dressing-up color tips for Olive Skin Tone.

Make-up helps you in fading away dark spots, scars, patches and acne and even out our complexion. Make-up artists always advise purchasing make-up products according to the skin tone and skin undertone.

  • Foundation shades- Camel beige, honey, sun beige, caramel beige, honey beige, soft tan, golden beige.
  • Lipstick shades- berry shades, brown shades, nude shades, red shades, bright shades.
  • Vibrant eyeshadow- shades of green, orange sapphire blue and metallic gold.
  • Warm blush shades- peach, apricot, coral.
  • Jewellery colour- yellow and rose gold jewellery.
  • Clothing colours- bright shades of pink, shades of red like maroon, burgundy, rusty red.

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Skin Tone Chart

Skin tones can be of different types. Finding a skin tone is not a tough task but finding a skin undertone type is a tough task. Here is a skin tone lists find your tone.

Skin tone Skin undertone
Fair Cool undertone
Fairly medium Cool undertone
Medium tan Cool undertone
Dark Cool undertone
Medium deep Cool undertone
Deepest deep Neutral undertone
Medium dark Neutral undertone
Tan Neutral undertone
Medium beige Neutral undertone
Golden medium Warm undertone
light Warm undertone
Warm tan Warm undertone
Golden deep Warm undertone
Yellowish golden Olive undertone
Slightly beige Olive undertone
Naturally tanned Olive undertone
Light brown Olive undertone


Take Away Thought –

Hope the above information will help you in choosing the right things according to your skin type. Olive undertone is a bit tough to tackle and tricky as well. But after reading this blog I hope most of your doubts will come to an end.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Are olive undertone people black?

It’s a myth that olive undertones means dark skin tone. Not in all cases. There are people with very pale skin tone and fall under the olive undertone skin.

  1. Is olive oil good for the skin?

Olive oil is a natural oil which works on every skin type. Oil not only moisturizes the skin but helps in building new skin cells. But don’t expect that oil will whiten your skin.

  1. What colors look best on olive undertones?

You must do deep color research before buying clothes and cosmetics. Choose colors that go with your undertone type.

When it comes to the olive undertone you can choose any of these following colors below in the list.

  • Rusty red
  • Hot pink
  • Dark brown
  • Bottle green
  • Beige
  • Chrome yellow
  1. What celebrities have Olive skin tone?

  • Tessa Tompson
  • Hannah Simone
  • Ruth negga
  • Inma cuesta
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Bipasha Basu
  • Shilpa Shetty

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