If you have ever run any marathon, half marathon or participated in short runs like 5 or 10kms then you must have experienced that running is a bit harder and you start wondering why the hell I am doing this? Just after few kms, your legs start soring and for you – breathing becomes full of efforts, your body is aching and you feel like you will die soon if you would take one more step ahead.

How I started my running regime 1

Run with your heart, soul, and body

But fortunately, you wouldn’t – As running may take much more from you in the form of energy, enthusiasm, courage, dedication, zeal, passion (whatever you call it) but it gives you much more than you can ever think of – you get happiness, health, joy, friends, get a chance to visit new areas or places, peace of mind, self-satisfaction and more. It’s like moving ahead with courage and breaking all the preconceived notions you were carrying in your mind.

“Running makes me feel like champion every day.”

Yes, when (for the first time) I was about to finish my first marathon I was completely in the thought to not to enroll again for any such run. But on the very next hour, I was feeling very happy and thinking to practice running on a regular basis. As my timing in half marathon was 2:46 mins. I was overwhelmed and exceedingly happy. Yes, now running is my passion and I love doing it, that too regularly. Of course not, my all runs are the same. Every day I go through some good and bad experiences but the feeling after run gives me the world’s best feeling.

How I started my running regime 2

If you too want to start your run or running daily with a bit heavy body, with the aim to get into shape and to make your self healthier, happier and humble then you can stay in touch with me. My journey is more like you. I was a little overweight and always wanted to shed some pounds (Which I needed the most). I thought to start running and started by jogging 30 mins on my terrace. This was the beginning of my journey and I truly believe -” When there is a Will, there is a Way.’ And your passion will find the right way for you soon.

Stay in touch and read other blogs where I am going to share my experiences with running.


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