Angel and devil
Angel and devil
Good comes after bad 1

In life, it is not like – you are going to have only dark nights.

After dark shattered nights, the Sun will rise again.

You will get the beautiful mornings in your life, again.

All the bad day memories will fade away,

and you will have the beautiful Sunlight all around you to enjoy, to celebrate and to love your beautiful life.

Yes, we all get upset when bad people come into our lives to take our advantage and throw us out of their lives like a piece of used tissue paper. People cheat us, mistreat us, disappoint us, and because of them we feel bad about ourselves and start considering us as the culprit and useless. Because of them, we change our perspective towards life and start feeling bad. Most of us go into deep regrets and depression and often ruin our lives. But you know what we should see them as a teacher. Directly they teach us life’s true and worthy lessons. We should not sit down and cry over spilt milk.

What if they have done all the bad things to you?

What if you have lost everything?  

What if you had been mistreated by them?

All you have is “YOU”. In your past, present and future. ‘You’ are the person who is going to live with you throughout your life. You are the person who is responsible for your happiness, and success.

Good comes after bad 2

Life is really really short. Identify your goals, try to figure out what you are good at. What you want to do. Do your best in the work. Value the people around you. Never let down by bad people and never consider life like shit. Like every coin has two faces. If there are bad people then there are good people too.

What if your plans won’t work? Believe in almighty. God will have much better plans for you. Life is the most beautiful thing which God has bestowed us with. Value it, create memories, cherish it, love yourself, embrace yourself. And then the SUN (GOD) will throw light on your life to make it worth living.


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