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As we all are aware of the fact that the benefits of walking are tremendous and  walking is indeed the best exercise for the human body. Why shouldn’t you walk? It’s free, it improves an individual’s blood circulation and it’s the easiest exercise and suits all age groups.    

A University of Tennessee study found that –

                 “Women who walked had less body fat than those who didn’t walk.”

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We often wonder – Is walking a good exercise? Indeed, It’s one of the best forms of exercise and it can be done on any surface. No matter where you are, at home in this quarantine time or in office premises. Moreover, any aged person can also walk, from small children to adults and can reap the health benefits of walking to the body from strengthening muscles and improving sleep.

During my weight loss process I never really walked and there is where my fault was. I could never really lose a lot without walking. Though it burns the least calories, it really plays a crucial role in boosting up the weight loss process and helps in stepping to a healthy life.

The next time you go for a check up don’t be surprised if the doctor tells you to walk as a medicine. Ofcourse, we all are cognizant of the fact how much walking can you do for your body. 

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Here is a List of 5 of the Best Benefits of Walking :-

  • Lowers Stress and Improves the Mood –

One of the underrated benefits of walking is that it can instantly bring up your mood as one takes a break from their boring and prolonged routine and it can also lower the stress and make you take things in a different way. 

As humans, we all have a high level of stress these days. In order to curb it down, walking is the best solution to it. Walking 30mins a day refreshes your mind and soul. 

  • Longer Life –

In a review of studies published in 2014 in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, researchers found that – Walking for roughly 3 hours a week was associated with an 11 percent reduced risk of premature death compared with those who did little or no activity.

We all want to live an extra day and it’s easy if you plan to walk for at least 15 mins a day it could not only help you live longer but also live better in a healthier way.

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  • Better Memory –

A clinical trial of older adults in Japan,published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society in 2015,found that –  After 12 weeks, men and women in a prescribed daily walking exercise group had significantly greater improvements in memory and executive function.

As we become older we often tend to forget our memory and so one of the best solutions for a better memory is to walk on a regular basis to get the benefits of walking.

  • Benefit of Walking to Boost Weight Loss –

Yes, I am aware of the fact that walking burns the least calories in the human body, still walking boosts weight loss as it burns the sugar intake in the body and also helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Hence resulting in weight loss and decreasing the body fat in the body.

  • It Eases the Joint Pain –

When we walk we tend to relax our entire body and with the improvement in the blood circulation. We also see that there is an ease in the joint pain as all our bones are working.

Walking helps in protecting the joints especially the hip and knees and to have no pain in the future endeavours its highly advisable to walk everyday for 20 – 30 minutes.

We often have few questioned pondering when it comes to walking and they are :-

Is Walking Considered to be an Aerobic Exercise?

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Indeed, Walking can be considered an aerobic exercise if an individual works for an hour a day. It can be considered as an aerobic exercise as it helps your heart and lungs to work harder and also increase the heart rate.

What are the Best Shoes for Walking Exercise ?   

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We often wonder what are the best shoes for exercise and any shoes that has a flat sole and comfortable wear can be considered best for walking as the basic idea should be it should comfort you at all times.

The Final Wrap Up –  

Walking is definitely considered as an exercise which helps the body in many ways, from improving the blood circulation in the body to getting a good nights sleep to helping in living a longer and healthier life and now the new motto should be “walking a day keeps the doctor away”.



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