Nail polish is a lacquer that can be used to apply to the fingernails. Usually, girls and females put nail polish on their nails in order to make their nails look appealing and trendy. Females often apply nail polish to match their outfit look or style.    

When it comes to choosing nail polish color green nail polish is one of the best choices. Green is the color of life. Green symbolizes nature and energy. It is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, and freshness. Green represents glory on its own.

Well, there are many shades of green available when it comes to choosing green nail polish. So, here to help you we are going to share –


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The 18 Most Popular Green Nail Polishes to Apply in this 2020 would be:-

1. Neon Green Nail Polish – 

The neon green is an extremely bright green color that catches everyone’s eye. Neon green nail polish is the color that will brighten up your life with its lively look. Applying neon green color nail polish is the smartest way to make your look stylish without much effort. Like how every trend comes back there are high chances that neon comes back in this 2020 to brighten up people’s dull days.

Light Green Nail Polish

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2. Dark Green Nail Polish –

Dark Green Nail Polish

The dark green nail polish is an ideal green color to go for. Women would love to choose dark green color nail polish since it isn’t a very gaudy color. It can match any of the women’s green outfits for the day and can make them look stunning from top to bottom.

3. Olive Green Nail Polish –

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The eye-catching olive green nail polish is one of the best green nail polishes in the markets. Olive green color nail polish is subtle and suitable to everyone’s eyes and indeed loved by millions of people in the world. 

4. Lime Green Nail Polish –

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The lime green nail polish is no doubt our best pick from all the green nail polishes. This decision is on the off chance that you need to “go become environmentally viable” particularly with excellent, brilliant lime concealment that is certain to get everyone’s attention instantly out there.

5. Mint Green Nail Polish –

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The mint green nail polish is the go-to pastel color for all the women out there. Since girls and women love pastel shades. This can be their pick up option. Keep the mint green color nail polish to apply at all times. This will certainly not catch anyone’s eye and is sweet and delightful as its name suggests.

6. Army Green Nail Polish –

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The army green nail polish can be one of the most unique green nail polish colors that can set you apart from others. Women can apply army green color nail polish with a new and different style. The best part is that it suits all the skin tones. 

7. Light Green Nail Polish –

Cool Green COlour for nails_ Creativeaditi

You will feel completely zen in no time with the most loved light green nail polish shade. Its soft, light, and luscious tone is the best pick for the wintertime. Without a doubt, the light green color nail polish shade will steal the show.

8. Glitter Green Nail  Polish –

Need some sparkle in your green? This glitter green nail polish will be perfect for you. Whether you are matching those shining outfits for the disco parties or for a few wedding occasions, glitter green color nail polish can be the best go-to option to shine all day.

Glitter Green Nail Polish

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9. Green Gel Nail Polish –

The green gel nail polish can give you a fresh elegance in your look and the gel nail polish can be easy to apply and looks super amazing on the fingernails. Green gel nail paint is highly recommended for young girls today.

10. Matte Green Nail Polish –

The matte green nail polish gives a matte look to your existing nail paint. It will ensure to not fade off with time and will give a bold and fantastic look not only to the outfit but also to the hands. 

11. Emerald Green Nail Polish –

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The smooth emerald green nail polish is the perfect match with all the outfits and can give a different and unique look to your fingernails. The emerald green color can make you look rich and vivid.

12. Forest Green Nail Polish –

Forest Green COlour Nail Polish_ Creativeaditi

The forest green nail polish comes in the darker shades of green. It can fit well in with darker and lighter shades of clothes. The forest green nail polish is indeed considered as one of the deepest shades of green and can make you look stunning.

13. Blue Green Nail Polish –

The blue-green nail polish has the rich depths of ocean effect with a pinch of the summer sky and all those blue lovers. Here is your pick for all your blue and green outfits in the wardrobe.

Blue Green Nail Polish

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14. Sage Green Nail Polish –

The sage green creme nail polish comes with gray undertones and this is a subtle green nail polish shade. It is best suited for all the women and girls who love to be simply beautiful at all times.

15. Hunter Green Nail Polish –

Hunter green is the dark green color and can be considered to be a shade of black and can suitably give a sophisticated look to your face and can match your black outfit party days.

Hunter Green Nail Polish

16. Bright Green Nail Polish –

Green Nail Polish Bottle

Choose the bright green nail polish to make it to the glories green shaded list of 2020. Although the bright green nail polish is cognizant of manners, the bright and elegant look of the bright green nails can actually brighten up your face and the outfit.

17. Metallic Green color Nail Polish –   

The last and final green color suggestion would be the metallic green color which gives a classy look to the nails and is considered to be very long-lasting and can make you look picture perfect.


The Final Wrap Up

The green nail polish on your fingernails can make you look gorgeous to be in any green shade. Make sure to match it with your outfit so that people stand at you in awe from top to bottom.


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