Wearing nail paints every week can be boring for some of you. So to take your load off here are some of the best gel nail polish which will last for at least two weeks. You might be thinking that gel nail polish is the same as normal nail polish but that’s not the case. The gel nail polish will provide a smooth shine and flawless coverage. The thick consistency of the gel nail polish gives a gel-like appearance. The most fascinating part of these gel nail paints is that it continues for weeks without cracking. So time to save your valuable time and precious money. 

Are you the one who spends a lot on manicures to get that perfect top-notch shiny and neat nails? Gel nail polish can be your new magical manicure solvent.  

Do you know that Gel Nail Polish are more advantageous than regular ones?

Nail polish can damage your nails permanently. And your nasty nails can take away your all overlook. Wearing the same nail polish after cracking for weeks can make your nails super dry. But with gel nail polish these risks are quite little. 

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Gel Nail Polish at home

Every lady urges for super shiny nails that last for long and long. You must have heard about gel manicure and yes you heard it right. Gel manicures are quite expensive. Your bank balance may not permit you to spend that much amount of money. Gel nail polish will give you salon-like gel manicure results at home. For at least two to three weeks you don’t have to worry about peeling and cracking nail paint. 

Well, you can use gel nail polish on your original or natural nails and even on acrylic ones. 

Here are the Simple Steps to use Gel Nail Polish at home.

  • First, apply the gel base coat to get a flawless finish. 
  • Apply one coat of your favorite color you picked.
  •  Put your nails under the LED lamp.
  • Apply the second coat and again put your nails under the LED lamp.
  • Now apply your last and final coat. 
  • You will be ready in a few minutes to flaunt your gel nail polish. 

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Gel Nail Polish with UV Light

Gel nail polish with UV light and the LED light is used to antidote your nail polish and seal it onto your nails. It makes the nail polish endure longer than the regular one. 

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Gel Nail Polish Kit 

The market is flooded with the Gel Nail Polish kit. The gel nail polish kit consists of a base coat, top coat, nail brush. Some nail polish kits also contain glitter dust and dual-headed pens. An LED lamp can save your drying time. The difficulty is to pick the best colour amongst all the beautiful shades. 

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Gel Nail Polish Colors 

Depending on your skin tone and your choice pick the Gel Nail Polish colours. Some nail polish shades stay in fashion always like 

  • Creamy blue
  • Romantic red
  • Metallic green
  • Chocolate
  • Grey
  • Sparkling golden 
  • Rosy pink

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Gel Nail Polish Brands

Are you scheduling to begin your own gel nails at home or sounding to get flawless long-lasting flawless nails? So you need to choose a good and trusted brand. We have made the work easier for you by listing down some of the trusted brands for gel nail polish.

  • DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquers – The first brand to bring Gel Nail Polish Without UV light in India.
  • Nykaa Gel Nail Lacquers – Quite a famous brand in India. Girls trust the Nykaa products. Amazing collection of gel nail polish shades.
  • Lakme Absolute Gel Nail Polish – Lakme is a well-known brand and is constantly maintaining its good position in the market. Huge collection of deep and glittery shades.
  • Gellen UV Gel Nail Polish – An international brand with amazing shades of Gel Nail Polish. Pretty expensive but it’s merely two coats will work. 
  • OPI Gel nail polish Rummaging for the weightless Gel Nail Polish then International Brand OPI is your type. Radiant shades to enhance your nail beauty. 

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Gel Nail Polish Remover 

As the gel nail polish is long-lasting and durable it’s quite hard to remove it. But with little and smart trick you can remove gel nail polish simply at home. Follow these uncomplicated steps. 

    • File your nails.
    • Use acetone soaked in a cotton ball.
    • Tie it around your nails for 15-20 minutes.
    • Peel it off and you are done.

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Frequently Ask Questions – 

Is Gel Polish bad for your Nails?

Though Gel paints are durable and long-lasting but frequent use of UV light can damage your hand skin. So it is suggested not to use it quite frequently or on regular bases.

What is the difference between regular nail polish and gel nail polish?

These two may sound alike but are actually very different. Regular nail polish can be applied easily without pain and lasts for a week whereas gel nail polish needs a little more effort. It requires UV/LED light for drying and lasts for 2-3 weeks.

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Which one is stronger: Gel Nail Polish Vs regular nail polish?

Yes, gel nail polish is stronger than regular nail polish. The UV light makes the nail polish go deep into the nails. It becomes stronger and stays for longer. 

Do you need a UV light for gel nail polish?

UV light is required to harden the gel nail polish. It makes the nail polish glossier, reliable and long-lasting. And all these points make it even more popular. 

How can one remove gel nail polish?

Removing gel nail polish can be challenging. With little money, you can easily remove gel nail polish. Here we are sharing some easy steps to remove gel nail polish gently.

  • File the top coat of the nail polish.
  • Take a few drops of acetone on a cotton ball.
  • Wrap it around your nail and leave it for 15-20 minutes. 
  • Take off your gel from the nail gently. 

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How to Apply Gel Nail Polish?

Apply gel nail polish by following these steps.

  • Apply the nail polish base and dry it under UV light.
  • Pick the nail polish color and apply your first coat.
  • Dry it under the UV light.
  • Repeat the steps for two more times.
  • Total 3 coats to get the flawless nails.

How to improve the shelf life of gel nail polish?

We know you have spent a lot in building the gel nail polish collection. So for obvious reasons, you must be wondering some steps to improve the shelf life of your gel nail polish. Here are some suggestions for you to have a look at.

  • Keep your nail polish bottle away from sun exposure. 
  • Check your nail polish bottle cap before keeping it. It should be tightly packed.
  • Avoid too cold temperature as well, mild temperature will work for gel nail polish. 
  • Shake it well before you use it.

Hope you might find some help with this blog. Buy your favorite gel nail polish and share your views with us.

 Thanks for reading!   

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