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Have you ever heard the words Kalonji,  black cumin, or black caraway? Actually, these words are analogues of Black Seed.  Many of us do not know the veiled benefits of black seed oil. And people have been using it as a medicine for a long time. 

But let me tell you that this small kitchen ingredient is packed with so many health benefits that it will boggle your mind. You can use oil orally as well as you can apply the black seed oil.

And the best piece of the black seed is that there are no such side effects. If you have never heard about the black seed then come with me we will discuss it in depth. 

black seed oil benefits, uses and side effects_creativeaditi

From where do we get Black seeds and Black Seed Oil?

We get black seeds from a plant called “Nigella Sativa.” The plant is also known as the Black caraway or fennel flower. The plant’s seeds are called black seeds. The oil that is extracted from the seeds is known as black seed oil. 

The benefits of black seeds are even mentioned in the Quran and the Judeo-Christian Holy Bible. 

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How does Black Seed oil work?

There are technical studies that indicate that black seed helps boost immunity, combat cancer, lessen bump, and reduce allergic retorts by interim as an antihistamine, but very few people know about this. 

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Multiple health benefits of black seed oil –

Black seed helps in curing and treating some of the common diseases. It includes high blood pressure, sugar and asthma. 

  • Helps in Asthma problem: Taking black seed oil helps improve coughing and lung conditions in asthma issues.
  • Control Cholesterol: Taking black seed oil twice a day can reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Lower Blood Sugar level: Black seed oil has the power to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces Tonsils: Inflamed tonsils and sore throat can also be reduced using black seed. Oil also eases the pain of sore throat and swollen tonsils.
  • Skin-related issues: using Black seed oil or products rich in Black seed oil can help in improving the condition of the skin.

health benefits of black seed oil_creativeaditi

Manage Anxiety Level: There is no such evidence that black seeds can control anxiety. But some studies show that black seeds have the power to control the anxiety level.

Black Seed oil For healthier skin and hair 

Nowadays, most people avoid chemical products for their skin and hair as they end up harming them. And switch to natural ingredients. Black seed is rich in antioxidants which keep your skin and hair young and healthy for a longer period. 

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Black Seed oil For healthier skin and hair_creativeaditi

Black seed oil can treat hair problems.

Black seeds include thymoquinone, which is an antioxidant and supports hair growth. The black seed oil also hinders thinning of the hair and solves the problem of hair fall. Let’s take a view on some of the hair care treatments that include black seed oil. 

  • A mixture of black seeds and fenugreek seeds: Take one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and one tablespoon of black seeds and mix them with coconut oil. Both the seeds are rich in protein nicotine which helps in the growth of hair. 
  • Black seed oil and castor oil: castor oil is packed with magical ingredients which encourage hair growth, and it is also abundant in vitamin E protein and some fatty acids. Make a combo of castor oil and black seed oil and use it and wait for the magic to happen. 
  • Black seed oil and honey: Honey is a Widely used beauty ingredient. It is rich in antioxidants, ascorbic acid, Vitamin C and phenolic acid. Mix both the ingredients and massage them on your scalp and wrap your hair with a warm towel. Wash your hair after leaving the mixture for 30 minutes.
Try any of these three remedies, and Do not forget to share your results with us. 

Black seed oil can treat hair problems_creativeaditi

Black seed oil for your skin-care

Black seed oil is plastered with vitamins, protein, fatty acids and other vital components which preserve your glowing skin. The oil can fade your pigmentation, fight your acne, and combat other skin-related problems caused by fungus or germs. Let’s take a look at some of the black seed remedies which can solve your skin-related problems. 

  • Black seed oil and yogurt: As Black seat can reduce the redness and itching around the pimples. And yogurt can provide you with a soothing effect. Mix 1 tablespoon of black seed oil with 1 tbsp of yogurt, make a mask and apply it to your face. This mask will act as an anti-acne mask.  
  • Black seed oil and coconut oil: black seed oil is rich in fatty acids and amino acids that prevent skin from drawing. Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with one tablespoon of black seed oil. Use this mixture and massage it on your body and get rid of rough and dry skin.
  • Black seed oil and honey: If you suffer from rashes and eczema than make a mixture of black seed oil and honey. This mixture will help you in reducing your allergy and will calm your rashes and redness. 

Try any of these remedies, and Do not forget to share your results with us. 

Black seed oil for your skin-care_creativeaditi

How to use black seed oil for weight loss?

If you are looking for a safe and quick way to reduce your weight, then black seeds are the one for you. Black seeds can scorch fat and lead to weight loss.  

Now you might be wondering how does Black Seeds work in weight loss? Actually, in black seed oil, the level of phytosterols is very high. And this ingredient helps in reducing the cholesterol level And your body weight. 

Now coming onto the main point of using black seed oil to reduce our body weight. 

  • The first option is to make a powder of black seed and take it directly with a glass of lukewarm water. You can even add this powder to your meal.
  • The second option is you can take black seed oil capsules. But I will not suggest this option as it may also contain some other unnecessary ingredients.

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  • The third option is to add black seed oil with a glass of water, add some honey and drink it straight away.

How to use black seed oil for weight loss_creativeaditi


1. What are the side effects of black seed oil?

Too much of anything can be dangerous. The same is the case with black seed oil; if you take too much of it, it can lead to some side effects.  

Here is a list of people who should avoid black seed oil. 

  • Pregnant ladies
  •  Kids
  • People who are suffering from low blood pressure.
  • Stop taking Black Seeds before any surgery.

2. What is black seed oil good for?

Black Seed is an old remedy used for various conditions. It is used for healing and as a medication. 

  • It is used for asthma patients.
  •  It is used for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol.
  •  It is used for controlling blood sugar.
  •  It gives healthy skin and hair.
  •  Some studies have shown that black seed can demolish cancer cells.

health and beauty benefits of black seeds oil_creativeaditi

3. Does black seed oil make your hair grow? 

As black seed oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients, It promotes hair growth. Black seed oil mixed with coconut oil or castor oil can show you better results. Not only this, but the oil also reduces the hair fall rate.

4. Is it safe to use black seed oil on your face?

 Yes, you can use black seed oil on your face as the oil can fight pigmentation, acne, and wrinkles.

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