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Why is yoga important?

The word yoga is thought to have come from the Sanskrit word “yuga”, which means an age.  Yoga helps you become aware of how conditioning and routine affect your everyday life. People who practice yoga have a lower stress level and are often more optimistic about life, according to a study published in the journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise. Yoga can help combat cardiovascular disease and improve respiratory function, body awareness, and balance. Yoga can increase physical awareness, relaxation, focus, endurance, and focus. It also improves focus, clarity of thought, and physical health benefits.

So when we perform yoga we need a good yoga mat. In this blog, we will share the names of top yoga mat brands with you. So let’s begin with what yoga mats are. A yoga mat is a type of mat that is made specifically for practicing yoga, which provides a non-slippery and cushioned surface, making it easier to perform yoga asanas.

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Take a look at types of Yoga Mats

Then you search for types of yoga mats on Google then you will get a huge variety. So it will be difficult for you to pick the right one for you.  So here we have listed the different types of yoga mats for you So that you can pick one easily. 

1. Basic Sticky Yoga Mats

The basic sticky yoga mat is all you need to get started in a regular yoga class. You do not have to spend a lot on this. They have a sticky texture so you can retain your Yoga poses for a prolonged period of time without slipping. 

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2. Rubber Yoga Mats

Natural rubber yoga mats are one of the most popular types of yoga mats on the market and for good reason. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic. The material they use is made from biodegradable, as well as recycled. Its slip-resistant feature makes it ideal for your yoga sessions.

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3. Plastic Yoga Mats

These mats are ecologically friendly and healthy to use because they do not contain toxic materials. They are cheap yoga mats in comparison to plastic versions. A plastic mat provides superb friction and they are non-slippery.

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4. Cotton Yoga Mats

You can purchase cotton yoga mats. Cotton yoga mats have a soft texture and they absorb sweat easily. They’re easy to clean regularly because you can just wash them after you use them.

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5. Travel Yoga Mats

When you travel a lot, you will need to pack up your yoga mat, towel, and travel mat so you can still exercise at any convenient place such as a hotel room or a resort park. As a convenient travel exercise material, the travel yoga mats can be easily rolled up and take less space. But you can not use these mats for daily use as they are comparatively less thick than the other mats. 

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6. Jute Yoga Mats

The world is going green and yogis are moving ahead in the same direction. You can also go green by picking a jute mat for your yoga exercises. It is considered one of the most eco-friendly types because it is made from natural jute. 

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Top 10 Best Yoga Mat brands 

Before you shop yoga mat you should look at these three points carefully –

  •  Material – Rubber, Jute, Cotton, Plastic, and Foam
  • Stickiness – A sticky mat will help you in holding the posture for a longer time.
  • Thickness – Must range between 4mm – 10mm

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After a long research we are here with the best Yoga mat brands which provide you the best quality at an affordable price.

1. AS overseas 6mm anti-skid long size yoga mat

This product is perfect for your yoga session. It is white and long, providing you with enough surface to know your body freely. It is soft enough to provide support to your body. 

Material use : Foam in order to provide comfort to joints, hips and knees.

Thickness : The yoga mat is sufficiently thick i.e 6mm 

Dimensions : 6 feet long 4 feet wide. 

Stickiness: Anti skid surface provides you a grip to hold your posture for a longer time.

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2. Adidas Training Exercise Mat 

This Yoga Mat is offered in a roll-up design to allow you to store it easily and transport it in your gym bag. It is the best travel yoga mat.

Its padded surface is 8mm thick. It provides you with a cushioning surface for your hands, knees, and other body parts while practicing Yoga.

Material: PVC

Thickness: 8mm thick

Stickiness: It provides you enough gripping to hold your yoga postures for a longer time.

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3. Fitkit Yoga Mats

The yoga mat is very popular in Yogis. It has positive ratings and is odor-free because of its EVA foam. Its extra thickness provides you super comfortable while you exercise. It keeps it dry during practice. Its double non-slippery surface takes your Yoga experience to the next level. 

Material: EVA foam 

Thickness:10 mm

Stickiness: It provides you with sufficient stickiness to hold your grip.

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4. Bold Fit Yoga Mats

Boldfit Yoga Mats are taking over the industry for being the best in quality and price. This mat’s 6mm thickness and smooth surface supports your body even in the most advanced poses. If you sweat a lot during your workout, don’t worry, the mat comes with Sweat & Moisture Resistant Technology that keeps it odor-free. This Yoga  mat gives good reasons to the buyers to buy it. 

Material: EVA foam

Thickness: 6mm

Stickiness: Provide you enough Stickiness.

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5. Brandvilla Yoga Mat 

This Yoga Mat renders you a simple but inspiring design and suitable for all types of yoga and stretching. This mat is perfectly cushioned to give your joints soft support while staying grounded and it also absorbs sweat. Hence it helps in maintaining grip. Its thickness is strong enough to prevent injuries. You can easily hold difficult poses with ease on this mat.

Material: EVA

Thickness: 4mm

Stickiness: Provides stickiness

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6. Force 24 Pro Grip Yoga Mat

It’s a 6mm foldable yoga mat made with biodegradable TPE material, which is more breathable and sweat resistant than regular rubber mats. This yoga mat is durable and will last longer than other mats.

Material: Thermoplastic 

Thickness: 6mm

Stickiness: provided with a double-sided non-slippery surface.

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7. Ozoy 13mm Extra Thickness Yoga Mat

This mat is 13mm in thickness, which is the broadest among the mats we reviewed till here. Its extra padding gives you extra comfort while doing your yoga. And it has a bi-directional texture that makes it grippy and stable.

 Material: EVA

Thickness: 13mm

Stickiness:  Provided with a non-slippery bottom so that you can hold your poses for a longer time. 

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8. Adidas Double-sided Fitness Training Yoga Mat

It has a non-slip texture that helps you maintain even the most difficult poses. It has bold reversible design stripes and crosses. The non-slippery and extra softness of the mat make it more popular amongst the yogis.

Material: Thermoplastic  Elastomer

Thickness: 4mm

Stickiness: Stripes and crosses provide strong gripping.

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9. Dr Trust NBR Exercise and Yoga Mat

Dr. Trust’s Yoga Mat is famous for its double-sided texture, which delivers you a cushiony feeling on one side and enough friction on the other side to prevent slipping. This mat is made of NBR foam, which is durable and strong. In addition, 12mm of thickness is available to give you reliable cushioning. Therefore, you can easily hold intense poses without strain on this exercise mat.

Material: NBR foam 

Thickness: 12mm

Stickiness: Provide enough stickiness to hold yoga poses.

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10. Strauss TPE Eco-friendly Yoga Mats

Strauss yoga mat offers good cushioning and support for your yoga practice. It is composed of high-quality natural rubber and super absorbent fiber. It provides a lightweight and portable option, so you can take it with you without hassle.

Material: Rubber 

Thickness: 6mm

Stickiness: Provide enough stickiness to hold yoga poses.

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  1. Why are yoga mats important?

Yoga mats provide a soft surface to lie down on while standing or sitting on the hard tiles of a floor will lead to sore feet in a short period of time. And while mats provide a level of comfort no matter how much stress is being faced. Mats also provide a stickiness so that you can hold the poses for a longer time.

  1. What is the best thickness of the yoga mat?

The yoga mats with a thickness between 4mm to 10mm are considered the best thickness.

  1. How often should one wash this yoga mat?

If you sweat a lot then you can wash it once a week, else you can wash it once every 15 days.

  1. Yoga mats and exercise mats are the same?

No yoga mats and exercise mats are different. Exercise mats are even thicker than yoga mats. Yoga mats are comparatively thin. 

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