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Yoga Blanket is used to give a cozy and comfortable feel during a yoga session. These yoga blankets can be used as a bolster and pillows. The yoga blankets are generally made from cotton, wool, or with a blend of acrylic, polyester, and cotton.

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Now, take a look at the best yoga blankets brands:

1. Benevolence LA Premium Mexican Blanket   

This one is one of the best yoga blankets as a personal recommendation. Surely you may hear about Mexican yoga blankets if not then no worries, today could be your lucky day if you are looking out for a suitable yoga blanket, wishing which could support you for any type of yoga pose and gives you enough comfort during your yoga work out. Its versatile use makes an even better fascinating blanket product to choose from. You can use it as a pillow by folding for lie dawn yoga poses like supta virasana, savasana, and many more.

2. Open Road Goods Sea Green Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

If you are bored with handwoven blankets and willing to purchase something different, then the Thunderbird yoga blanket would be the best option to choose. It is made of an acrylic Cotton Polyester blend. Apart from doing yoga, you can use it as a mat for a picnic and beach purpose and any type of decoration. Due to its heavyweight one can use it for multiple purposes without caring much about losing material strength.

3. The Sea House Co. Mexican Baja Yoga Blanket

Every one of us is familiar with the Mexican Baja sea house brand. And even if you are not familiar with the brand then I can surely suggest you go for Mexican brands if you are looking for yoga blankets because due to its best customer services reviews this brand is getting hotter with maintaining a certain level of standard. 

 This yoga blanket is ideal for yoga practice, as these blankets provide comfort and relaxation during practice. With that, it also provides extra support in dynamic yoga poses.  However, this blanket is additionally ideal for use as an ornamental throw for your bedroom, or a picnic blanket, or maybe even as a daily blanket to stay warm while you bum the house. Mexican Baja blankets are designed in such a way that the patterns used in the blankets are featured with intricate types of stripes which makes it even cooler and gives an attractive look.

4. Decathlon DOMYOS Yoga Blanket

Decathlon yoga blankets are also one of the topmost branded companies. The brand is providing the best material quality and the blankets are made from polyester and polyamide materials. These blankets are cheap and the best quality product at a low price. It has hard rock type manufacturing in both corners of the blankets so you can connect this with your yoga mat. It can even prevent slipping and give better frictional performance. The unique design of this blanket means there’s one side that is formed of felt and therefore the other which is formed of fleece.

5. Lotus-crafts Yoga Blanket Cotton Savasana

If you are an environment lover then this one is the best for you. It is eco-friendly and can be used on multiple occasions. It is made of organic clothes and all top to bottom finishing is done by bare hands, so if you are doing any yoga pose in shorts then no need to worry about skin rashes or incompatibility during a workout. This blanket can be used wherever you go, no need to worry about specific places or locations to do yoga. You can use it as a throw blanket, park blanket and even you can use it on multiple occasions like picnic and in summer times you can take it on the beach for your relaxation.

6. Base Yoga Mexican Style Falsa Yoga Blanket

Base Yoga offers a superb range of yoga accessories to get the best from your yoga practice. This Mexican yoga blanket is extremely popular amongst yogis.

These yoga blankets are best for your yoga in winter days because they are made up of cotton polyester and which keeps your body at a decent temperature. And even for emergency uses you can cover your body if you need to keep your body warm. It is even helpful for performing varieties of yoga poses as you can use it for shoulder stands during Savasana yoga workouts.  

This yoga cotton blanket measures around 1.8m by 1.3m, which gives enough space area to you during your yoga routine. Yoga blankets weigh 1.2kg, which makes them heavier but gives them a very luxurious feel. However, it is not handy to travel with because it is quite bulky if you’d wish to pack it in a bag.

7. Bodhi Asana Yoga Blanket 

Bodhi products are known for providing an excellent yoga experience at a reasonable price. Bodhi believes that with the proper yoga products you can make your yoga session even more relaxing and enjoyable. And the yoga blankets are so cozy and comfortable and provide warmth and a cushioning feel. 

While blankets are often used in Savasana, at the end of Yoga practice or for comfort, they can also be used as an additional cushioning layer on top of your yoga mat if needed. You can roll it to make a bolster for restorative poses or to provide warmth and stability during meditation. These blankets are versatile and beautifully made.

8. Ruth White Yoga Productions’ Traditional Cotton Yoga Blanket

The company believes in selling the products at an affordable price. This company did a lot of research and gives preference to customers’ choice, which is the best part and this is helping Ruth’s production to gain popularity. 

These yoga blankets provide extreme relaxation and comfort. And you can easily fold or roll, and you can even put it in your bag if you’re traveling or simply going for yoga practice. One of the best parts about these companies is that they use pure cotton to manufacture blankets. Without mixing any other synthetic material. 

 These yoga blankets are 2 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, which is beneficial because it gives you more space to perform your yoga poses more freely. Since it is very long, you can use it as a pillow by folding it gently during a savasana pose.


  • What makes yoga blankets essential?

Ans. Yoga blankets not only keep your body warm during your yoga workout, it supports you to perform different yoga poses. 

For example, if you decide to perform savasana, of course here you have to go for a long duration to perform this as you need to put your body straight for the whole time. This could lead to pain in the backside of your neck so if you use a blanket (fold it gently to make a bolster) the softness and warmth of the blanket will give perfect support and warmth. 

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  • What is a yoga blanket? 

Ans. A yoga blanket maybe a prop utilized in some sort of yoga to support the body. It will help the yoga practitioner to get a far better and easier alignment within the posture. The Yoga Blankets are popular due to their versatility – as they can be folded, rolled, or opened. Yoga blankets often come into use during the entire practice duration and help you keep your body warm and to maintain stillness during the meditation process.

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  • How to maintain the cleanliness of yoga blankets even after a long duration of use? 

 Ans. Here are the overall tips to maintain the Yoga Blanket

  1. Hand Wash: It’s ideal to give a hand wash to the blanket. And try to use cold water as this will stop the shrinkage and fading of the blanket.
  2. Don’t Iron: Avoid using hot iron over your blankets as it will take away the shine of your blanket.
  3. Regular or routinely using Detergent: If you want your blankets clean without losing its softness, you can try mild detergents which are compatible with your blankets. 

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