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Face is the foremost thing we focus on when we meet someone and fat is itself a controversial topic when it comes to reducing it. Face fat is itself a matter of shame for many. As double chin, excess cheeks, no visible jawlines make people look shabby and unpleasant. 

Of course, losing face fat is not going to be an easy task. But with these 7 Best tips to lose face fat you can get rid of face fat and reduce face fat effectively. 

1. Facial Yoga Exercises to Reduce Face Fat –

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Exercise is the best way to reduce fat from any part of your body. Performing facial yoga exercises, to lose face fat, is a great way to deal with it. Exercises like Kiss and Smile, Fuller cheeks, smiling face, lion face help you to get rid of face fat. These facial yoga exercises are helpful – 

  • In getting youthful skin 
  • In fighting aging problems 
  • In increasing face muscles strength 
  • In improving blood rotation 
  • In giving tone to your facial skin 
  • In reducing face fat 
  • In reducing double chin 
  • In getting visible jawlines. 

2. Right Food to Lose Face Fat – 

Healthy Food_ Creativeaditi

My mantra is simple – “You are what you EAT”. Eating healthy food in the right quantity is essential, especially when it comes to losing fat. You need to cut down your excess carbs, say no to white sugar and refined flour. 

Eat fruits, whole grains, have a protein-rich diet to reduce face fat. Make sure you avoid processed, packaged, and oily food. Eat fresh, raw, and nutritious food. 

3. Have Sufficient Water to Lose Face Fat – 

Water to lose face fat

Water helps you to shed your extra pounds on your body and face. Water can help in reducing the fat along with the face fat at a quicker rate. According to a scientific study which shows that if you stay hydrated you lose fluid retention resulting in face fat loss.

Drinking sufficient water can also result in the person filling fuller and therefore consuming less calories which can exhilarate the fat loss.

4. Get Sound Sleep to Reduce Face Fat – 

Sound Sleep

The key tip for reducing face fat is undoubtedly getting a good sound sleep on a daily basis. A scientific study shows that – 

The quantity as well as the quality of sleep is directly linked to the fat loss.

Getting a sound sleep can make the body feel refreshed and can reduce the late-night cravings and on the other side keep the metabolism also at a high rate.

One should aim for 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis and should opt for sleeping early in order to have sound sleep. This aids to the fat loss process and gradually reduces face fat.

5. High-Intensity Cardio Workout to Lose Face Fat –

Cardio Work to lose face fat_ CreativeAditi

I personally recommend High-intensity cardio workout which could include swimming, skipping, running, cycling or boxing as cardio workouts turn out to be very effective for the body as it results in higher metabolism and burning the extra fats in the body and especially the face and neck.

A study shows that even if you give 30 minutes a day for cardio it can really help in slimming down the fat as well as the face fat for an individual and is highly recommended for each one of us.  

6. Decrease Liquor Consumption –

No to Alcohol to lose face fat

In today’s time, every second teenager is consuming huge amounts of alcohol which has a huge sum of sugar which results in only weight gain as there are no nutrients at all and they increase the calorie intake.

It’s advisable to keep the alcohol intake minimum in order to not gain extra calories and to lose the face fat at a faster rate.  

7. Reduce the Refined Carbs Intake –

No Carbs to reduce face fat_ Creativeaditi

We all tend to have a high amount of carbs on a daily basis which includes pasta, pizza, cakes which ultimately increase the fat storage in our body.

Carbohydrates usually take a longer time to digest than any other nutrient in our body and carbs usually build up the fat in our body being the barrier to our fat loss.

It’s highly recommended by experts who are diet conscious to keep the carbs at their minimum every time we consume a meal.  

Lose Face Fat_Creativeaditi

Final Wrap Up –

I have summed up the 7 best tips not only to lose face fat but also to make your face look younger and slimmer. There might be several other tips but with my experience and journey these 7 play the most crucial role in the face fat loss process.


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