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Skin is indeed the largest organ in the body and takes charge of 15% of the body weight. Skin consists of 70 % water, 25% protein and 2 % lipids and  skin forms different layers which play a very crucial role for our body.

Today we all need to take care of our skin as It protects our body from the outside environment so it’s our duty to nourish it well with rich nutrients, adequate water intake, fresh air and with a good amount of relaxation.

There are various ways to nourish the skin, from the skin care cream to the best skin care routine, all  can really help in improving your skin and making it ready to battle against the polluted environment.

I personally have never really taken care of my skin and that affected my skin deeply and resulted in white and red spots but after following the below 15 tips on skin care products and best skin care routine, I am able to make my skin glow and there were no spots after that  on my body.

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The 15 Best Skin Care Tips are as follows:-

  • Avoid using many Products 

We often think that using different kinds of skin care products can help us. But it is  a big NO to use many skin products, as instead of taking care of the skin they damage the skin.

One of the best pieces of advice for skin care would be to minimize the n number of  skin care products.

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  • Moisture your Skin Daily

We need to moisturize our skin on a daily basis in order to keep it clean and soft and it’s recommended by experts to moisturize your skin twice a day before sleeping and after bathing.

Moisture will make sure that there be no breakouts and clogged pores on your skin anymore.

  • Try not Touching your Face 

Well, It’s important to discuss this point as it plays an important role. Not touching your face can help in clemson your skin and avoid other types of viruses and bacterias over the face.

In these coronaviruses times I have personally learnt that it’s very important to not constantly touch your face for the skin as well as for the virus effects.

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  • Stay Hydrated

We often neglect the easier parts of keeping the skin clean which is to stay hydrated. It plays  a big role in skin care as no water could result in being less radiant and that could show up on the face.

So it’s better that we all should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated and glow up the skin with each coming day.

  • Start Smart Sleeping

Indeed, by sleeping one will always think that we will mention sleeping 8 hours a day . Yes, along with sleeping 8 hours a day there is another important factor and that is leep comfortably with a proper pillow and a proper position  so that it nourishes the skin and doesn’t result in unnecessary spots.

Start sleeping smarter and see how it changes the skin tone of your face and body.

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  • Minimize the Skin care routine

It’s important to minimize the skin care routine as “Fad products and fancy ingredients are fun to try, and sometimes they work well,” says Dr. Prystowsky. 

Even if you wish to try few skin care routines apply the organic ones that don’t harm the skin.

  • Protect Your Skin at All times 

We often think that only a sunny day and a beach visit are needed to protect our skin from the sun which is right. But the fact  is that we need to protect our skin at all times even while driving a car and even while climbing a snowy mountain.

To see the shine and glow in the skin protect your skin 365 days  and if needed you can protect it by using a sunscreen.

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  • Clean The Makeup Brushes at Regular intervals 

Cleaning the makeup brushes at regular intervals can help one to be away from the various infections and can result in less likely  damage to the skin. 

However, You can clean the brushes and the foundation once a week to be away from any infections and can be one of the best tips for skin care.

  • Eat Healthy Food

One of the toughest tips to follow could be Eating the Healthy tip which is one of the best tips for skin care. It acts like a magic for the skin tone as eating salads and green vegetables can really help in making you glow.

I personally started eating right and healthy and saw my skin tone changing and I started shining even on my dull days. That was the magic of healthy food.

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  • Intake Green Food and drinks 

It’s important to understand the importance of green beverages and foods on the skin and avoid munching snacks and sipping coffee early morning. Change your lifestyle, consume green drinks, consume green vegetables and see the change and effect on the skin tone.

  • Vitamins are Essential 

With a balanced diet we also require vitamins in the body like vitamin C which comes from lemon, Kiwifruit, Orange. As these vitamins can really help the skin from protecting from the sun damage and these vitamins can also be layered on top of the sun screen for extra protection.

Vitamin C for Healthy Skin

  • Distance Yourself From Direct Sun

Distancing yourself from direct sun is very important from the skin point of view as  direct sun can weaken the skin and make you get tan.

Try Stand poles not only to the sun but for the high heated places like bonfires and other hot places to protect your skin from the harmful environment.

  • Use the Right Cleanser

Utilize a chemical to eliminate the highest cosmetics and surface grime, at that point another item or a similar one again to play out a further, further purge . Try using organic cleansers that don’t harm the skin and that is the reason high quality cleansers are recommended.

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  • Apply Face Washes

Applying face washes can help clear all the dirt on the skin and the face wash can also help in cutting through the oil and result in a clean and shining face . 

This is one of the most known tips of skin care, still one of the most effective ones.

  • Multimask 

The last but not the least  tip could be a multimask so multimask could basically mean using different skin care products for different body parts as in for the face different and for the hands legs different. So each body part is properly protected and taken care off.

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How to Test your Skin Type at Home?

If you aren’t certain about your outcomes from the test, you can likewise do a physical test to check your skin type. A home test estimates sebum creation. Sebum is a waxy, slick fluid that originates from your pores. The measure of sebum your skin produces can decide whether your skin is: 

  • Dry 
  • Slick 
  • Typical 
  • Mix 

Testing sebum creation on a perfect face is the most precise approach to figure out what sort of skin you have. Follow these means: 

Wash your face and wipe it off. Hold up 30 minutes. 

Tenderly press oil blotching paper or tissue all over. Press the paper on various regions of your skin, for example, your brow and nose, cheeks, and jaw. 

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Hold the sheet to the light to perceive how straightforward the paper is.

   TEST RESULTS                                           SKIN TYPE

No transparency, but with flakes or tight skin dry
Soaked through oily
Different levels of absorption on different areas of the face combination
Not too oily and no flaky skin normal

Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin 

 Many of us today might have an oily skin care routine and the steps to   take care of the oily skin care routine would be as follows:-

Step 1 – Use a Cleanse

It’s very important to use a cleanser at day or night to give the oily face a complete cleanse on the face. An expert says that cleansing can really help you clear away excess oil and dead skin to prevent buildup on the skin.

Step 2 – Use a Toner

After using a cleanser once your skin is clear its recommended to use a toner that is of :-

  • salicylic acid
  • lactic acid

Step 3 – Treat Your Skin

Treating your skin is the next step as we all should treat our skin in the best way by moisturizing it and taking proper care of it so that the oily skin rushes away from the body.


Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin 

We all often face dried up skin especially in the summers and one of the reasons would be the lack of care and not applying of cream on the skin, so few of the steps for the skin care routine are as follows:-

Step 1 – Cleanse Your Face

Step 2 –  Apply Serum

Step 3 –  Moisturize Your Face

Step 4 – Sun protection


  • Sensitive Skin Care –

The sensitive skin care is the skin we need to take more gentle care of as the routine remains the same but just more proper care of skin is required for the sensitive skin of the body.

  • Daily Skin Care Routine –

It’s important to apply the daily skincare routine in order for the skin to glow each day and being consistent in the daily skin care routine can help in nourishing the skin on a daily basis.

  • Winter Skin Care Tips –

In the winter skin care tips we need to specially take care of the of the following factors-

  1. Avoid dryness
  2. Limit shower time
  3. Moisturize Frequently
  4. Apply sunscreen 
  • Summer Skin Care – 

Summer the most humid season of the year and the season in which we always tend to get super tan so the factors we should take care of in the summers are as follows-

  1. Regularly apply sunscreen
  2. Cut Down on makeup
  3. Keep your skin hydrated
  • Night Skin Care Routine –

Night time is the best time to take care of the skin with the utmost care as one gets free and can give time to the skin as well, so few of the routines to follow at night could be :-

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Eye Cream
  4. Treatments

Few of the FAQS of the Skin Care Tips and Routine are as follows:-

How to take care of skin?   

We often take it lightly when it comes to taking care of skin but it plays a crucial role in keeping the glow and the shine up. Regular skin care is required for regular nourishment and care.

How to take care of oily skin? 

Oily skin care can be one of the major problems in the skin care regime and it’s important to moisturize and apply cleanser to the oily skin to take extra care of it and later shine up.

How to take care of dry skin in winter?   

In winter, skin tend to dry up at a faster rate so we all should avoid dryness, limit the shower time and moisturize frequently in order to take proper care in the winters.

What are the Best Skin Care Tips?

The few of the best skin care tips would be to eat healthy, stay hydrated and could be to use face washes regularly to have the best skin care not just for the current time but for a long period of time.

Here are some Skin Care Quotes – 

“I am nicer when my skin looks good”

“I am a better person when im moisturized”

“Invest in Your Skin , It’s good to represent you for a very long time “

“I regret taking such good care of my skin” – said no one ever 


To wrap up , These are few of the best tips and the most asked questions for the skin care tips and it’s time we should look after our skin for a glowing face and a beautiful look.



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