Top 10 Shea Butter Brands, Benefits, Uses for Skin, Hair And Health

Shea Butter is a natural vegetable butter and remains solid at room warmth. Shea Butter is extracted out from the nuts of the Shea Boom. The Tree is known as the Tree of Life, hence it’s rich in numerous qualities. 

Shea Butter has a creamy tone and smoky, nutty odors. The butter contains a high amount of nutrients like A, E, and F and is truly appropriate for healthy skin. African women use Shea Butter for a very long time for regular skin and hair care. 

Shea Butter is generally found in numerous creams, and cleansers, however, the impact of Shea Butter is practically negligible in these creams since machine-refined Shea Butter are not very effective.

Shea Butter that is prepared with the machine losses its incredible qualities during the handling cycle. It is best to utilize 100% regular, crude Shea Butter to get the best results. Do you know the real name of shea butter??  

Top 10 Shea Butter Brands, Benefits, Uses for Skin, Hair And Health_creativeaditi

Where Does Shea Butter Come From? 

Shea Butter arrives from Africa and is emancipated from the nuts of the Shea Boom.

They are up to 15 meters high trees with plum-like organic products, the seeds of which contain up to half fat. 

Shea Butter is made by the hands of town ladies in West and East Africa. The Shea has two sorts: 

the Vitellaria Paradoxa filling in West Africa and the Vitellaria Nilotica filling in East Africa. 

The Shea Butter extricated from the nuts of the trees in East Africa is likewise called Nilotica Shea Butter.

Top 10 Shea Butter Brands, Benefits, Uses for Skin, Hair And Health_creativeaditi

Let’s Check the Benefits of Shea Butter

1. It suits all skin types

Shea butter is a tree nut item. Yet, unlike the other tree nut items, exceptionally low in proteins can cause sensitivities. The truth is there is no clinical writing recording of hypersensitivity from shea spread. Shea margarine contains no substances which can dry out the skin, nor does it lock pores. It is subsequently suitable for each skin type.

2. It’s saturating 

Shea margarine is mostly used due to its saturating effects. And the monounsaturated fat substances also like linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. When you apply it to the skin, these oils are immediately consumed. This creates a boundary between your skin and the external climate, and protects from dampness, and diminishes the danger of drying out.

3. It doesn’t make your skin oily 

Shea margarine contains a high substance of linoleic corrosive and oleic corrosive. These two acids make a perfect balance. That insinuates that it soaks up into your skin and your skin won’t look oily after applying.

4. It’s a cell support 

Shea margarine contains nutrients A and E, which help in Cell reinforcements. They shield your skin cells from being free from dullness and the maturing of the skin. 

Top 10 Shea Butter Brands, Benefits, Uses for Skin, Hair And Health_creativeaditi

Amazing Shea Butter benefits on hair

The butter helps to heal hair and also protects against the sun. The shea butter has a solid structure but melts as soon as you apply it to the skin. The presence of vitamins A, E, F, and fatty acids restores and protects the quality of the hair. 

Vitamin A improves the texture of the hair. Vitamin E ensures that the hair retains moisture well and ensures good blood circulation. Vitamin F ensures good hydration.

This butter is beneficial for: psoriasis, burns, cuts, eczema, sunburn, scars, dermatitis, stretch marks, a dry scalp, dry hair, and dry spots such as cuticles, heels, or elbows. You can also use it to massage, you can control frizzy hair with it, it prevents itching after shaving and you can use it as a hair mask or conditioner.

Top 10 Shea Butter Brands, Benefits, Uses for Skin, Hair And Health_creativeaditi

Check these Top ten brands of Shea Butter 

To take your load off we have prepared a list of top Shea Butter brands. So let’s take a look.

  • Greene 100% Pure Shea Butter Raw 

The brand offers 100% pure shea butter without any chemicals and synthetic fillers. You will get various size options in this brand so that you can shop as per your requirements. It’s quite expensive but it’s worth buying.


Brand: Greene

Item Weight: 1 Pound

Main ingredient:  Raw Shea butter

Safe For: Adults

  • Better Shea Butter

Are you suffering from dry and cracked skin? Or are you tired of your acne and scars? This brand will do justice with your skin by providing a required amount of moisture to your skin and without clogging your pores. This shea butter is prepared by African women and it is 100% pure with all the magical ingredients of the shea butter. You can use it on the pretentious regions as well as on your entire body.  Better Shea butter comes in the form of a brick.  So it will be effortless for you to utilize.


Brand: Better Shea Butter

Main ingredient:  unrefined Shea butter

Safe for: Adults

Size: 1 Pound

  • OKAY African Shea Butter

OKAY, African Shea Butter is very  Smooth good for all skin types and all types of hair textures. It helps in moisturizing the skin and will give a smooth touch. It also helps in reducing the blemishes, Suntan, Wrinkles.

After One use you will feel perfect healthy skin with rich beauty. Not only this it also defends from the destructive UV rays and improves the elasticity of the skin. 

If you are suffering from frizzy dry hair then this product will do wonders on your hair as well. It will see the monster of your hair and will avoid it from drying.


Brand: OKAY African Shea Butter

Main ingredient:  100% pure African Shea butter

Safe for: Adults

Size: 13 Ounce (Pack of 1)

  • Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter 

SheaMoisture Shea Butter Is filled with Vitamin A and Vitamin E and with other fatty acids. This butter will not only work well on dry skin but also dry hair. It will lock the moisture and will give you long-lasting hydrated skin and hair. 

It is certified with 100% organic shea butter. This butter remains in the solid-state but once it gets the warmth of your palm it will melt easily. 


Brand: SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter

Main ingredient:  100% raw Shea butter

Safe for: Adults

Size:  10.5 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

  • Majestic Pure Shea Butter

 Virgin and 100% pure raw Shea Butter Especially from Africa just for you. It is considered best for treating anti-aging and nourishes the skin not only from outside but from inside as well. It is filled with natural vitamins, antioxidants, and other fatty acids which help in keeping your skin hydrated. If you are suffering from Itchy and dry scalp then you can apply this shea butter for that issue also. 


Brand: Majestic Pure Shea Butter

Main ingredient:  Shea butter

Safe for: Adults

Item Weight: 1 Pound (Pack of 1)

  • Mary Tylor Naturals Organic Shea butter 1 lb

If you are suffering from any type of skin-related problems like regular itching, sunburn, dry skin issues and tried a lot to overcome it but ended up just dreaming to get fresh, shiny, and glowing skin, no need to fall into depression. Believe me, you’re not hopeless. Here we have one of the best brands of shea butter in the world, Mary Tylor Natural organic Shea butter. Yes! you heard it right and why I am confident about this product is because it is derived from a natural extraction process from the nuts of the Shea tree. And why is it safe to use? The reason is as this product is an extracted form of Shea tree nuts, so it has a very low quantity of protein-containing fats which trigger allergies. It is rich in fatty acids and that’s why this product is the father of moisturizing. 


Brand: Mary Tylor Naturals

Main ingredient: Pure Shea Butter 

Safe for: Adults/Women’s

Item Weight: 1 Pound

Form: Cream 

  • Sky Organics Shea Butter 

If you are Beauty Conscious and want your face and body to shine naturally. Then this is the product for you. To get long-lasting moisturization to use it on your whole body and face. It soothes the skin and provides a soft bright texture. The product is 100% vegan and organically prepared in farms of Ghana. Not only this but the butter is 100% pure and unrefined. So, there are no such side effects of the product. You can use it directly on your face and your whole body. 


Brand: Sky Organic

Main ingredient: Raw Shea Butter 

Safe for: Adults/Women’s

Item Weight: 8 Ounce (Pack of 1)   

  • Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter

  When it comes to Raw Shea Butter, one could get tired and even unsatisfied after giving dozens of compliments and why do you know? Because it is damn super creamy and ultra-sensitive and could melt instantly. And it has various uses such as varieties of DIY recipes for your hair, body & face lotion, and lip balm. All you need to do is to explore new recipes and use Raw Shea Butter and what BOOM! Your desired product is ready to serve your skin, body, and hair.   


Brand: Crispy Collection

Main ingredient: Raw Shea Butter 

Safe for: Adults with dry and rough skin

Item Weight: 16-Ounce/ 1 Pound 

  • Green Leaf Naturals Shea Butter

As the brand name resembles positivity, freshness, and dawn towards nature there is nothing left to say or to convince you to purchase this particular item. Because I believe that you have gone through enough websites and scrolling blogs and hereafter reading about Shea products you are willing somewhere to get one with acceptance and a bit of satisfaction. And this brand contains a heavy quantity of raw shea green leaves, telenovela gel, mango butter, and varieties of natural ingredients. It is rich in vitamins A, E, and F which support you to protect and cure any type of skin-related diseases and allergies. It has a very high amount of fat which makes it thick  and luxurious in both quantity and quality. 


Brand: Green Leaf Naturals

Main ingredient: Shea Butter and Aloe vera gel.

Weight: 8 Ounce/0.5 Pound

Safe for: Adults


1. How to get glowing skin with shea butter?

 Staying hydrated is key to a healthy and confident glow, but many products on the market claim they can do this, and many fail. In reality, most products that claim to hydrate are irritating and can cause more damage to your skin if used improperly. The best solution is to use natural, Shea Butter on skin that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy without irritation. 

2. Can I use shea butter on my hair?

If you are looking for natural ways to moisturize your hair it may be time to give shea butter a try. Shea butter is applied directly to hair using a soft cloth or band-aid. Many people find it helps improve hair’s elasticity and shine. The act of styling hair with a stiff consistency interrupts the moisturizing process which can make hair brittle and prone to breakage. Some people try to apply shea butter to their hair when they shampoo or condition their hair but it is not recommended as this can cause irritation or even burns on sensitive skin. 

3. What does Shea Butter do on my skin?

Shea butter is nourishing and contains essential oils which can greatly improve the health of your skin. On the outside, shea butter is a pale yellowish-brown color. But on the inside, it’s filled with dampness and antioxidants that help to protect the skin from environmental factors such as pollution and stress. This means that when you use shea butter regularly, it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Should I buy Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter?

Well, while both contain great unsalted butter, they do it in very different ways. The difference comes down to personal preference. When choosing between butter products, think about what you expect from the product and whether those qualities outweigh any other concerns (like packaging) that may be high on your list of concerns.


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