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Are you ready to embrace the shine of glitter nail polish? If yes, then you are on the right page. Women of the 21st century love properly fashioned and well-maintained long nails. Silver nail polish with glitter and other shades in shiny glitter are highly trending these days. If you want to sway in the fashion of the present world, then keep an eye on the following article to find out more!

Top Glitter Nail Polish shades you can never forget

If you want to get out of the bland regular nail polish shades and rejuvenate your nails, then you can try out the heartwarming gold glitter nail polish shade in its most refined form. Go through the following points to discover more glitter shades:

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  • Best pigmented- DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer:

If you want to style your nails safely, then you can try out the DeBelle gel nail polish shades. The sparkling dust in the combination of black glitter nail polish with touches of silver can help you flaunt your nails in any event anytime you want. The color comes with a 3D effect and gives your nails a perfect natural shine. The glitter nail polish is toxin-free and comes in handy so that you can carry them anywhere you want for a quick touch-up. The holographic effect protects your nail in an extensive but straightforward way. It lasts long and comes with seaweed extracts and other healthy ingredients. 


  • The glitter nail polish is cruelty and camphor-free
  • It does not contain Dibutyl phthalate or any formaldehyde.
  • The glitter shade lasts long and comes in holographic glitters.


  • The color chips off easily. 
  • Best rates- MINISO Pittura Nail Polish:

When you fall in love with any glitter nail polish shade, you always wish for it to last long. The Miniso Pittura glitter nail polish set does something similar to your nails. The polish comes with a creamy effect and natural smoothness. The color does not fade away with time or break into small pieces as in chips off easily. The best part of applying the Miniso Pittura glitter shades is that they all ensure nail strengthening and bring in natural shine even after rubbing off!


  • The glitter polish gives you creamy finishing.
  • It lasts long.
  • The glitter nail polish is chip-resistant and fade-proof. 
  • It is highly affordable.


  • It sometimes becomes uneven after applying.
  • Long-lasting- LAKME Color Crush Nail Art:

If you are a fan of glittery golden shades, then LAKME glitter nail polish might be an ideal choice for you. The golden hue provides a metallic finishing with shiny beads and sparkling stars. The most impressive part of using the LAKME glitter nail polish is that its holographic effects help change color when you place your nails in light. You can try this fantastic glitter nail polish today!


  • The glitter shade from LAKME comes with holographic touches.
  • It gives a natural shine to the nail enamel.
  • The nail polish strengthens the nail enamels and moisturizes the cuticles.


  • Once you apply the shade, it is pretty hard to remove.
  • Best color combination- MI Fashion platinum collection nail lacquer:

Do you crave red glitter nail polish shades? If yes, then the MI fashion platinum collection nail lacquer can give your nails an excellent identity. It comes in a combination of red, golden, silver, and pink glitter. The extra-wide round cut brush helps for easy application of the beautiful shades. The glitters are chip-resistant and fade-proof. You would not even have to apply a double coat on your nails for full coverage. 


  • The shade lasts long.
  • It is fade-proof and chip-resistant.
  • The brush is extra sensitive to the nails and gives full coverage in one stroke.


  • The only drawback of the shade is that it takes a long time to dry off.
  • Premium brightness- Bella Voste Nail Enamel:

If you are into white glitter nail polish, then the Bella voste glitter shades can be your best friend in no time. Bella voste nail glitters have the capacity of providing total moisture to your nails in single stokes. Unlike other nail lacquers, Bella’s shades strengthen the original nails naturally. The glitter shades last long and are of premium quality for you to show off your nails to the world!


  • The nail glitter shade is chip-resistant.
  • It lasts as long as seven days without any scratch or fades.
  • It is toxin-free and cruelty-free.


  • Some people find Bella Voste pricey!
  • Best quality- Nykaa Nail Enamel:

The boujee rose gold glitter nail polish is slightly different from other top-notch shades from high-quality brands in the 21st century. If you have any recent upcoming events, you can shine in your best way by putting on this sheer metallic rose gold shade from Nykaa. It does not come off quickly or wear away with time. It is chip-free and tends to settle on your original nails in an even way. The even glitters in the right proportion can help you get a fantastic shine of rose gold at ease. It is also buildable and chip-free so that you do not have the headache of applying coats one over the other several times a week. 


  • The shade is long-lasting.
  • It is chip-free.
  • Its unique glitter nail polish shade is buildable. 


  • The glitter nail polish has the slight tendency of fading away sometimes. 


  • How do you know if the glitter nail polish is good?
  • If you want to get hold of the best glitter nail polish for yourself or a dear friend, then there are a few factors which you should consider first before choosing one. 
  • Before buying a glitter nail polish, the first thing to consider is whether the shade will suit your skin tone. Glitter nail polishes come in vibrant shades where some might be an ideal fit for your skin tone, and some are not. The best ones would wonderfully brighten your fingers without even noticing much. 
  • The second most important thing you should consider before getting a glitter nail polish is the number of coats you need to apply to bring a prominent shade to your nails. The more coats you have on the application, the more you should avoid the nail polish.
  • The quality of the glitter nail polish is something you should never forget while choosing the suitable one for you. Some glitter nail polishes do not want to settle consistently on the nail enamel, and some resolve smoothly without any issues. It would help if you went with the creamy finished ones. 
  • If you are looking for the best glitter nail polish for your near and dear ones, you should always keep a few things in mind, like whether the nail polish wears offs quickly or how long it stays. You should also check if it chips off easily after applying it. 
  • Another thing which you should consider while buying a glitter nail polish is the price. Affordability is the last but essential thing which you should never skip while purchasing a nail lacquer. You can compare all the main points like quality, longevity, and sheerness, etc., among the glitter nail polishes to find out whether the price is worth it or not.   
  • The last but not the minor thing which you should not forget to check is the reviews online. While buying glitter nail polishes online, you would notice various reviews on the product details section to find out the experience of the previous customers. They have purchased the shades before you!
  • What is the best way to apply glitter nail polish?
  • If you are a newbie and still exploring the various glitter shades of nail polishes, then you might not know the right way of applying these to your nails. You can choose particular glitter nail polish shades in silver, black, gold, and white even. If you want to add more glaze to the shades, the best way to apply it to the nails would be to choose a light plain shade for your nail if you have dark glitters. You can use one coat of regular nail lacquer first and then the glitter for getting a smooth and even shiny finishing. It would help if you always went for opposite combinations of light and dark with the glitters and the base colors. 
  • How to remove glitter nail polish?
  • Removing your glitter nail polish shades from the nails can be pretty problematic and hectic at times. If you want to come off clean with fresh nails, then the following ways of removing nail glitters can be of great help:
  • Aluminum foil and acetone: you can apply nail remover acetone to a fresh cotton ball and place those on each of your nails individually. You can cover each finger with aluminum foil and let them stay for 3-5 minutes. Once after removal, you would have fresh and neat fingernails.
  • Rubber bands: you can use rubber bands on each nail while applying acetone to cotton balls instead of aluminum foils.
  • Facial pads: You can use facial pads or cotton pads with acetone and apply them to your nails individually. After rubbing off the glitters properly, you can wash your nails and moisturize them quickly!

Now you know the knits and bits of nail polish glitters. What keeps you waiting further? Get your best shade right away!  

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