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From the early centuries, kinds of vinegar are being used as medicinal cleaning and cooking agents. The best apple cider vinegar is made from water and fermented apples. The main compound in this is the vinegar that produces acetic acid. Commonly the apple cider vinegar consists of five to six percent of acetic acid.

Some studies show that acetic acid is mainly responsible for the health benefits of vinegar. It includes reducing heart risk, helps in weight loss, lowers sugar levels. When you go shopping for apple cider vinegar, you might have come across multiple types of their products.

The unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar consists of cloudy substances, which is known as the mother. Mother is made up of beneficial bacteria, enzymes and proteins. These are known as probiotics.

If you are looking for the best brand of apple cider vinegar, then you should avoid the products which come with apple flavored. It means that the apple cider vinegar is not extracted from the apple juice or apple.

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Here are the 10 best apple cider vinegar brands which you can choose to buy in 2021.

1. Best overall ACV:- Apple Cider Vinegar by Fairchild

Apple cider vinegar buys Fairchild with mother is one of the best overall vinegar. This product is made up of 100% natural and organic apples from the state of Washington. The Fairchild’s apple cider vinegar got some great reviews for the bold flavor of the apple. 

This brand is not like the other brands which offer vinegar diluted with water. Fairchild’s apple cider vinegar has contained only organic fermented apples, which means that users are getting pure and natural apple cider vinegar compared to other brands.

This vinegar is certified organic by the USDA. It contains mother, unheated, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and concentrates free. The one tablespoon of Fairchild’s apple cider vinegar offers one gram of carbs and five calories. 

Most people prefer an organic product over a conventional vinegar product. Because organic products comply with strict rules and regulations regarding the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, using might pesticides might harm your health with some long-term effects.

Choosing an organic apple cider vinegar offers you another benefit of containing beneficial bacteria. Some study shows that the organic vinegar has great bacteria strains diversity than inorganic apple cider vinegar. 


  • It offers diversity to your overall health. 
  • It helps to reduce the obesity risk. 
  • Made up of organic fermented apples
  • Benefits the immune system 
  • It is easy to consume 


  • The trusted and reputed company approved by USDA. 
  • Offers naturally fermented apples. 
  • Natural, Raw and safe to consume. 
  • Apples from Washington are used. 
  • It comes with mother. 


  • Acidic and sharp taste, which some people might not like. 

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2. Best for Cooking:- Raw Apple cider vinegar by Bragg 

This is another ACV brand on our list. Braggs is one of the most famous USA companies known for its quality products for decades. It was founded in 1912, and the brag offers many natural and fresh products from the regional field. 

It is an original, famous and most demanded brand which produces natural ACV products. Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar with mother is far beyond compare with any other ACV brand throughout the world.

The Braggs ACV comes Gluten-free, kosher certified, organic, unheated, unpasteurized add unfiltered, including non–GMO ingredients. The quality standards of Braggs ensure that the apple cider vinegar which buyers are receiving is organic and safe. 

The ACV by Bragg contains organic, raw, certified and fresh apples, which are filtered with water and diluted to the level of 5% acidity. It is optimal and adequate for human consumption. This apple cider vinegar is versatile and certified both externally and internally. You can even use this vinegar to whitening the teeth, skin toner, pickling vegetables, salad dressing, and many more.

There are multiple benefits of using Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. It includes removing body toxins, treating dry throats, encouraging digestion, controlling weight, improving the immune system to relieve muscle pain, irritated skin, promoting a healthy and youthful body, maintaining healthy skin.


  • This one is the best and trusted brand for ACV all over the world. 
  • It is unpasteurized, organic, Unheated and Raw. 
  • Multiple advantages, including both externally and internally. 
  • It is suitable for the human natural skin’s pH level. 


  • Trusted and certified brand
  • ACV is unpasteurised, organic, unheated and raw and safe. 
  • It offers top quality made with natural and fresh apples. 
  • Significant in terms of quality and taste. 


  • Very hard to get as it gets sold out quickly. 

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3. Best for Drinking:- Apple Cider Vinegar by Dynamic Health  

If you plan to add apple cider vinegar to your diet, then apple cider vinegar by dynamic health can be a good option. It is USDA certified and made with water and raw apples. The apple cider vinegar by dynamic health with mother has less flavor and spicy taste than other raw vinegar available in the market.

It can be a great option if you plan to add apple cider to your diet to improve your health. It is also available in a 3.8-liter container. In this case, you will not have to worry about the product too quickly. You should always make sure while consuming apple cider vinegar dilute it with water before consuming.

One teaspoon or 15 mil of apple cider vinegar provides zero carbs and zero calories. It consists of the mother, which is formed naturally in the unpasteurized vinegar. Apple cider contains minerals and enzymes which are incredibly healthy. This apple cider helps you protect from muscle stiffness, relieve arthritis, fight infections, lower blood pressure, treat osteoporosis, support digestion, and kill bacteria. 


  • It is made with raw apples certified by USDA. 
  • Comes with mother. 
  • It helps you to protect yourself from various diseases. 
  • Comes with less flavour and spicy taste. 


  • Eco- friendly
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free 
  • Fully organic certified by USDA
  • Comes with kosher


  • This product is much Pricey.

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4. Best Budget pick:- Apple Cider Vinegar by Kevala 

Apple cider by Kevala can be an excellent option to choose. This brand offers raw and organic products at low prices. This product is made up of natural and organic apples grown in the US. Most users say that it has some sweet and clean flavor which might be tolerable for many individuals. This is available in larger sizes.

This vinegar is hundred percent organic certified by USDA. It is Non-GMO verified and fully additives-free. Because it is less pricey, that’s why it can be the best option to choose. If you are a student or concerned about your budget, choosing Kevala will be a great option. This vinegar is best for both hair rinse and culinary ingredients. It has zero calories and zero carbs. 


  • It offers organic and raw products at low prices. 
  • It is made with organic apples grown in the US. 
  • Comes with a clean and little bit of sweet flavor. 
  • Non-GMO product certified by USDA. 


  • Less price
  • Organic products
  • Non-GMO product
  • Certified by USDA


  • Comes in a plastic container. 

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5. Best flavored Tonics:- Flavored apple cider by Vermont

 The Vermont sipping of this flavored organic apple cider and natural honey is with top-notch quality, whole ingredients such as organic blueberries and organic turmeric. 

Every product has USDA certification as organic by USDA. It only contains three to four ingredients, and it gets naturally sweetened with honey. But, it is very crucial to become aware of the servings. It is sold in 237-ml bottles. The 15ml is considered as one serving. This blueberry honey contains 6 grams of added sugar and 25 calories. 

Drinking an entire bottle can provide you with around 48 to 50 grams of sugar. It can exceed the recommendation of the American Heart Association. It is recommended to consume sugar up to 24 to 36 grams per day. 


  • Made with fresh apples and certified by the USDA. 
  • Comes with natural sweeter honey. 
  • It is made with natural ingredients such as blueberries and turmeric. 
  • Promotes healthy body


  • No added preservatives
  • Less pricey
  • Contains natural sweeter
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • Sugar content is very high

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6. Best for Taste:- Apple Cider Vinegar by Wedderspoon 

ACV by Wedderspoon is fermented naturally from cold-pressed fresh apples. The ACV by Wedderspoon comes with the Mother and Manuka Honey which contains only about three ingredients. It includes manuka honey, ACV, and natural beech wood honey. 

This product is manufactured in New Zealand. It is an unpasteurized and unfiltered product that is made without any chemicals or heat. Manuka honey is the symbol of New Zealand, and it is known for its antibacterial properties. The beechwood and manuka honey add a slight tart and sweet flavor, working best for culinary and tonic uses like salad dressings. 

One serving of the ACV by Wedderspoon with mother contains 3 grams of carbs, 15 calories, and 2grams of total sugar. 


  • Comes with mother and manuka honey. 
  • The honey is from New Zealand. 
  • Works best for culinary and salad dressings. 
  • They are made without any chemicals or heat. 


  • It is made with natural ingredients. 
  • Simple and fewer ingredients added.
  • No preservatives
  • It can be used for both culinary and salad dressings


  • Pricey

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7. Best Apple Cider Gummies:- ACV by Goli

There is little research that shows that vinegar might have various benefits for weight loss and heart health. It is unknown whether consuming vinegar supplements in the form of capsules and gummies has the same effect. 

If you are interested in trying Vinegar gummies by Goli, going for this product will be the best option. It is free of preservatives, flavorings, and colorings. In addition, the apple cider vinegar by Goli gets manufactured with a facility that is FDA certified for CGMP as it offers safety and good quality. 

The gummy ACV are allergy-free, certified vegan, and has organic certification by USDA. But, these are not tested by a third party for accuracy and quality. Every gummy provides 1 gram of added sugar and 12 calories. It also offers 50 percent of DV for vitamin B9 and B12 and 500mg of vinegar. 


  • It comes in gummy form, which helps you to avoid the taste of liquid ACV. 
  • Allergy-free. 
  • Comes with no added flavorings, colors, and preservatives. 
  • Offers 50 percent of DV for vitamin B9 and B12. 
  • Offers benefits for weight loss and heart health. 


  • Entirely free from preservatives and colors
  • Safe and organic certified by USDA
  • Vegan product
  • Offers gummy texture


  • Sugar content to a little bit more than liquids. 

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8. Best Capsules of ACV:- Apple cider capsules by peak purity

This is the best alternative for those who don’t like the taste of liquid ACV. This ACV product, by peak purity, comes in capsules. It is a hundred percent raw and organic apple cider capsules. 

It is manufactured in the US by CGMP faculty registered under FDA. A third party tests these capsules. It contains natural apple cider vinegar extracted from the organic apples that USDA certified. 

One serving or capsule consists of only 500mg of the ACV and is free from artificial preservatives. To get the best results, you can take a maximum of two capsules before a meal with water. You keep in mind that any study or research does not confirm the benefits of using capsules. 


  • It is the best alternative to a liquid. 
  • It is manufactured in the CGMP facility under the FDA. 
  • Extracted from organic apples
  • Free of additional preservatives


  • Organic and Raw capsules
  • No preservatives
  • Certified by USDA
  • Manufactured in cGMP


  • Pricey 

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9. Best for Hair rinse:- ACV by dpHUE

The ACV dpHUE comes with antimicrobial properties and a low pH level, and it has been recommended that this ACV might help maintain the pH level of your hair, which results in shinier, stronger, and smooth hair. It also protects the scalp and dandruff conditions. 

Some study has shown that shampoos containing higher pH can contribute the friction in-between the hair fibers. Therefore, it can lead to hair dryness and breakage. But the effectiveness of ACV hair rinse is not be proved. 

The ACV promoted healthy hair, and most individuals have noticed improved hair quality and scalp condition after using the ACV based on hair rinses. 

The Apple cider Vinegar by dpHUE hair rinse is one of the best ACVs available on the market. It is because of the ability to strengthening the hair and improving scalp health without making it dry. 

The hair rinse contains argan oil, which is highly rich in oils and vitamin E. In addition, it includes linoleic acid and oleic acid. These oils and vitamin E is linked to hair growth benefits, which protect against breakage. 


  • Best for hair rinse
  • Comes with a balance hair pH level. 
  • Rich in vitamin E and essential oils. 
  • It is made from natural apples certified by USDA. 


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Protects hair damage
  • USDA certified company
  • It comes with a low pH level


  • Availability issues

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10. Best for Health Purposes:- Organic ACV by Spectrum 

The ACV by Spectrum is a raw unpasteurised and organic vinegar. It is being diluted with the water. It contains the naturally occurring “mother”. It also has a tangy and crispy taste which make it a good choice for marinades and salads. It is also suitable for your skin and hair. 


  • They are made with organic and natural fresh apples. 
  • USDA certified company. 
  • Offers great nourishment to both your skin and hair both. 
  • Comes with a tangy and crispy taste. 


  • Useful for both health and cooking purposes
  • Suitable for both skin and hair
  • Fresh and natural fragrance
  • Sturdy packaging


  • Pricey

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Features to consider for buying Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyone knows how to buy a good Apple cider vinegar. Whether it is your grandmom, mom or your friends know the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. But some groups are still choosing the wrong type of ACV. 

One thing you can recall while purchasing any brand of ACV is that it should be unpasteurized. Pasteurization is known as the healing process, which kills unsafe and harmful bacteria. For this reason, you should pick the unpasteurized ACV. 

There are some factors which you will have to take into consideration before picking a perfect ACV. So let’s take a look into the factors. 

  • Go for the uglier one.

You must have listened to this phrase “The Uglier the Better”. While you are searching for the perfect ACV in the market, you must choose the one that looks a little murky. Of course, you will always find sparkling, clear and crystals labelled as the refined ACVs. But you must go for the ugliest one. 

The product with crystal looks and refined are artificially flavoured, overheated and artificially processed. This can lack many helpful and healthy micro-nutrients. 

  • Do not go for a plastic bottle. 

The plastic bottles might include noxious material. If any beverages come in touch, then it might cause some severe problems. Some brands might offer BPA-free plastics which are very secure to use but is difficult to find those types of bottles. Therefore, it is recommended to go for glass bottles. 

  • Check the level of acidity.

It is recommended to check out the labelling before buying ACV. The label will display the acidity level of the substance. Containing 5 per cent of acidity level is the best one. Always make sure to read the instructions to store the bottle. 

  • Look out for Organic and Certified

Purchasing certified and organic ACV will be marvellous for your peace and health. Stay away from GMO and Non-organic food. It will be the best way to keep your health safe against pesticides, insecticides and harmful chemicals. Always make sure to check whether the product is organic or not. 

  • Go for the Raw ones

Going for the Raw and organic product is the best option. You can see the actual worth of buying a raw product. Here the Raw implies that the ACV is not gone through the chemical process le filtration to make it transparent and visible. In simple words, Raw means unprocessed, unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurised. 

  • Keep the “Mother” in your mind

Here mother doesn’t define our mom’s. The mother in apple cider vinegar is earthy stuff discovered at the lower part of ACV. It appears to be yucky. But that is the best piece. The mother is an aftereffect of the fermentation. It contains a lot of healthy stuff. 

Wrapping up –

Apple cider vinegar is being used for thousands of years because of its numerous health benefits and sweet taste. It can be used in health and cooking tonics. In addition, ACV is the common ingredient in hair products and household cleaners. While buying ACV from the store, look for the ingredients mentioned on the label. Then, do your proper research and choose the best apple cider vinegar. 


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