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Want to shed some pounds or lose weight? Seeking for some enjoyable form of exercise? Fed up of your sedentary lifestyle or your old workout regime and want to move more?  Why not to choose to hit a pavement – Running. Just lace up and hit the road and enjoy every step. 

So what if you are running for the first time. Here in this guide, I am going to share – 11 best running tips for beginners or first-time runners. Well, I am not a fitness coach or a trainer but yes, I have completed 5 half marathons, several 10k and 5k runs, and am preparing for a Marathon.  


Hope these Running Tips will help you. Read ahead – 


1. Choose Right Running Gears –

running shoes

One of the first and foremost running tips is your running shoes. It is imperative to choose running gears wisely i.e your running shoes. Otherwise, the wrong selection of running shoes may lead to injuries. To run well you should have a good pair of running shoes. Choose good quality shoes, with a good sole. It is good to have slightly large-sized shoes for running.

2. Right Running Clothes –

Comfort comes first while selecting the best running clothes. You should choose suitable clothes for running. Well, shorts and a t-shirt is the commonly accepted dress code for running. In my opinion, choose dry-fit running clothes. As this fabric doesn’t absorb your sweat and keep you dry and comfortable. Choosing the right clothes is golden running tips for beginners

3. Go for Short Runs – 

Running Tips

Of Course, in the desire to become a runner we all aspire to run long. Well, if you are a beginner we would not recommend you to go long in one go. The running tip is that you should start your running regime with a short interval and gradually you can increase the distance and pace. Set your target for a week.

For instance – If you want a 7km run on Sunday then you should run 2kms on Monday, 3kms on Wednesday and 5kms on Friday and so on. Then only running 7 km in a single go, without any break/pause, on Sunday is possible and that is only good for your health. Otherwise too much too soon may lead to severe injuries. 

4. Run at Your Own Pace –

Easy Run

Yes, this is one of the vital tips to start running. Running is an intense cardio exercise that demands not only your body but also your mind. Running faster is every runner’s dream. But as you are a beginner, don’t be harsh on yourself. Listen to your body, it is very important, otherwise, you will start feeling frustrated, exerted very soon and this might injure you. Remember – It is important to make running a habit in your initial days.

                                 “Slow and gradually, you can win the race.” 

5. Never Compete –

Never Compete

Yes, we all are unique from head to toe. Our body type, nature, strength, food we eat, metabolism, thoughts we carry in our mind all are different. So we should never compete with anyone. During practice/training you will see people are running faster than you. You want to move forward and push yourself extra but you can’t and you shouldn’t. You are not competing with anyone. Remember you are only your competition. Create and break your own records. Never compare with others.

                        Remember – “Your journey is completely different and unique from others. 

6. Prepare a Running Schedule –

Running regularly for 6 or 7 days a week is not a good idea. You should give enough time to your body to recover. Running 3 to 4 days a week is enough. Well on other days you can do some other easy workouts or weight training workouts. This is one of the best running tips for beginners as their body is not so used to running. Prepare a proper running schedule for running days and rest days to have injury-free runs.

7. Go on Easy Runs –

Running Tips_Warmup

Don’t complicate it. Running should be done mindfully. In the state of overexcitement new runners or beginners tend to run fast in initial days. Experts say – Make your running effortless. Go on easy runs and take short steps rather than long strides. Otherwise, you will get exhausted soon and thus you wouldn’t be able to cover long distances. One of the best tips to run longer is – Go Slow.

8. Choose the Right Track –

Synthetic running track_Runningtips

Often you have heard that running hurts knees. Actually not. Running on the wrong surface, due to lack of knowledge or not aware of running form tips, leads to knee injuries. In my opinion – The Ideal place to practice your runs is on “ground” or on “synthetic running tracks”. What is more dangerous for you is regularly running on cemented roads. So choose your running track wisely.     

9. Eat Light before Run –

Running Tips_Eat Bread


No matter whether you are a morning runner or a late-night runner never eat too much just before your run. Fuelling is important for your body but be wise in that. Eat something light like – brown bread with peanut butter or a banana and 2 dates. Make sure to keep at least a 40 mins gap between your fuelling and your workout.

10. Warm-up and Stretching –

Stretching exercise_Running

Warm-up and Stretching exercises are vital. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro athlete, 10-15 mins Warm-up before your run and 10-15 mins stretching exercises after your run is important. Your warm-up makes your body active and stretching keeps your muscles relaxed. I was not aware of this and out of all running tips, this helped me a lot to run my 5 half marathons easily.

11. Keep your love alive for Running –

Cross Training_ Running Tips

Cross-training helps you to relax your body and keeps your excitement high for running. Doing various other exercises like swimming, cycling, yoga helps you to get the benefits of running as well as other forms of exercise and also keeps your love alive for running.

If you truly aspire to become a runner then these running tips for beginners are definitely going to help you a lot. I request you to follow these running tips. I learned so late about all these. Missing any of these running tips will create hurdles in your running journey. Make running easy and enjoyable. 

Happy Running


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