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Do you know the benefits of exercise? Have you ever joined aerobic classes or started running, cycling, or dancing? Do you know how to do yoga? If your answer is “yes” then we will consider that you know something about why exercise is important. But do you know you can increase the power of your brain and intelligence through physical activities and exercises.  

Well, if not then we are going to disclose the ultimate science associated with the exercise, the benefits of the exercise, and the actual equation between exercise and brainpower.

Stay tuned to know how exercise makes you smarter and enjoy the ultimate benefits of exercise. 

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Many lazy folks asked –

Why is physical activity very important for health and well being? Or how does exercise benefit the body?

You must be surprised to know that exercise and physical activity are directly associated with brainpower and intelligence. Through the regular and right amount of exercise, you can improve your overall intelligence. 

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This question may arise in your mind –

What’s there in the exercise which benefits your brain? Or what are the mental benefits of exercise? 

The favourite and prime energy source of our body is ‘glucose’. Whatever we eat, our body breaks the food into glucose and essential elements and this process is known as metabolism.

During this process, waste electrons or free radicals are produced and get accumulated inside our bodies.  These free radicals are not only harmful to our system but are also responsible for a mutation in our bodies. 

To get rid of these free radicals, our body needs oxygen. Oxygen absorbs these free radicals and takes them out from our body in the form of CO2. The blood carries oxygen in our body and if any part of our body does not receive oxygen then it may get dead soon.

On the other side, our brain is 2% of our complete bodyweight but it requires 20% of total energy. This means more energy is required by the brain rather than other body parts. Blood is the energy and oxygen carrier in our bodies. Our brain needs oxygen to fight from the free radicals that get deposited in our bodies. Your brain is always active and needs a lot of energy and oxygen. The sad and bad part is – 

Importance of Exercise_Creativeaditi

What happens when we do Exercise?

When we do exercise the blood starts flowing, arteries become broad, heart muscles get stronger, the capacity of lung increases and muscles get powerful, the body starts making new blood cells and blood starts flowing properly in your body. That means exercise makes your blood transportation seamless and flawless. Not only it helps the mind to perform well but also the complete body gets a positive effect from it. 

It also increases cognition and perception power which means exercise improves your overall mind and body. Thus fitness is important. 

Since our inception, we have been moving, our ancestors moved in search of food and survival. Thus our body needs movement and exercise like walking, running, swimming, dancing, jogging, gyming, yoga, and many more and all these help you to keep your body fit and mind healthy.

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Can we improve our intelligence through exercise?

Of course. Yes. Your lifetime exercise makes you sharper no matter how you measure it. You will get positive results only.  Attention, problem-solving, long term memory, and reasoning are the pillars. Those who exercise daily perform better than those who don’t. 

Importance of Exercise_creativeaditi (2)

How to improve your intelligence through exercise and How exercise makes you smarter?

Researchers say our body cries for movement and exercise. No matter what your age is, which group you belong to. Body always gives a positive indication of aerobic exercise. That means your IQ level will not rise up but the capacity to use your IQ will definitely increase. Well, there are long term benefits of exercise too. That’s why people bring good marks in IQ test when they do exercise. Thus exercise improves intelligence.

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What happens when you stop doing exercise?

The point is when you stop doing exercise then your body will stop getting benefits of exercise. It is something you need to include in your lifestyle. Ideally, you should not take a break for more than 3 days. Understand the importance of fitness in your life and make it a ritual and daily routine. 

How much exercise should you do?

Well, something is always better than nothing. It has been observed in the senior citizens also that when they started walking regularly for 30mins for five days in a week, their brains’ functions start working well. Exercise enhances positivity and a good mood in them. 

What is the minimum amount of exercise we can do to keep ourselves fit?

3 days of exercise a week for 30 mins leaves a good impact on your body. Well, only 13mins of aerobic exercise for your body is enough and researchers assure you to get the benefits of it. 

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Whether you are a student, corporate worker, or businessman you should adopt a natural way to keep your mind and body intact. You can easily keep your intelligence level high with a regular exercise regime.

So what are you waiting for? Start running, dancing, walking, gyming or doing yoga from today itself. Choose the activities you like. You can choose cross-training exercises also to shed a few pounds and to keep your body fit. 

Keep Smiling, Keep Exercising. 



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