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To be honest, it’s not easy to wake up early in the morning for many people especially in winters. But a lot of people believe that “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and Wise.” Additionally, many people also say that waking up early in the morning helps you win the day. I personally think that these sayings are 100% true. 

There are so many benefits of waking up early, from being able to follow the daily routine effectively to better performance in office or school. In this post, I’ll discuss the advantages of waking up early in detail and answer some common questions about the health benefits of waking up early in the morning.

    Be an Early Riser to Get the Following Benefits

Wake up

Here are those 7 benefits of waking up early that I have personally experienced:


1. Waking up early Improves Sleep Quality

When you start waking up early in the morning, your body will adapt to this new routine soon, which will further help you fall asleep early in night. When you sleep for a good 8 hours then you’ll surely feel fresh the entire day.   

Sleep Quality

2. Early risers Get Enough Time

According to me – The biggest benefit of waking up early is that you have enough me-time, which you can utilize to connect with yourself. Some people consider waking up early to workout but I usually meditate to calm myself and I truly feel refreshed and energetic. 

Early risers

3. Close to Nature

You can admire nature’s beauty by waking up early. You can enjoy the chirping of birds, clear sky, and breathe in pure air. You will truly be mesmerized by the early morning scene.  

CLose to nature

4. Waking up early Enhances Productivity

I have experienced that morning time is the most productive time of the entire day. Waking up early in the morning helps in organizing work effectively for more productivity. The human brain works most optimally in the morning, which in turn assists you in better decision making. 

Leadership Agreement Productivity Business

5. Early risers have Better Concentration

Another benefit of waking up early is that it boosts your concentration. In addition to being able to concentrate on tasks and goals without getting distracted by co-workers, family members. Waking up early means you are enhancing your alertness for the peak hours of the day. 

Meditation _ Creativeaditi

6. Zero Distractions

I feel amazing when I go for a morning walk and experience peace in the environment. I really enjoy that quiet time in the early hours. In simple words, there are zero disturbances. 

Sometimes, I leave an hour early for work and believe me the commute is so convenient. You too can beat all the time-consuming traffic by leaving in this “zero distraction” period. 

Zero distraction

7. Early Risers have time for Exercise –   

Last but not least,

Early risers get health benefits of waking up early in the morning. Enough time to have breakfast and for exercise. 

Waking up early will help in the maintenance of a healthy diet. Dieticians say that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day as it keeps you energized all day long. I agree with this fact. I have realized that early risers tend to have breakfast while people who wake up late are more often tend to eat brunch (breakfast + lunch), which is generally something unhealthy. This way they end up skipping breakfast which results in poor eating habits.  

Eat Healthy

Frequently Asked Questions – 


How to Wake up Early in the Morning? What are some tips and tricks you can follow?

Waking up early in the morning

I have been able to turn myself into a morning person from a late riser, this is why I think I’m the right person to give you the best tips on how to be a morning person. 

  • Begin Slowly:

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day from your usual wake up time. 

  • Sleep Early:

Waking up early tips

Try to go to bed early to have enough sleep. If you’re not able to sleep then listen to calm music or read a book. 

  • Put your Alarm Away from your bed:

Set your alarm

This is necessary otherwise you will keep on snoozing it.

  • Head out of your Bedroom:

After turning your alarm off, don’t go back to your bed rather head to your kitchen for making a coffee or bathroom for freshening up. 

Wake up early and drink coffee

  • Remember Your Commitment:

Always keep your promises to yourself in mind as this will motivate you to wake up early each day.

Is Waking Up Early Healthy?

Waking up

Yes, waking up early is indeed healthy as you become both mentally and physically active. As per many research, people who wake up early enjoy enough sleep than those who stay awake throughout the night. Night owls are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders. 

Does going to bed early help you wake up early?

Yes, if you sleep early then definitely you will get help in waking up early. This is because your body gets enough sleep, which is usually recommended for 8 hours. Slowly and gradually your body will become used to the 8-hour sleep pattern, which will keep you healthy. 

Wake up early to be healthy

Is waking up at 4 am healthy or considered as waking up too early?

Waking up at 4 A.M. is healthy or not is totally dependent on your bedtime. Usually, a person should sleep for 8 hours to stay healthy. So, if you get this amount of sleep and then you wake up early at 4 A.M. then it’s healthy otherwise it’s considered as waking up too early. 

The Final Wrap Up

By now you should’ve understood the countless health benefits of waking up early in the morning. I suggest you follow the above tips for just 7 days and I promise you will definitely feel the difference in your day-to-day life. 



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