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A sound sleep is vital for our overall health wellbeing, be it physical health, mental health or emotional health. In today’s rapidly evolving world Sleep deprivation is becoming quite common. 

In this fast-paced world, what one takes lightly is the sleep and benefits of sleep. Whereas one should keep in mind that sleep is one of the essential elements of being healthy and should give enough weightage to sleep to enjoy the benefits of sleep.

According to research by Michigan State University’s Sleep and Learning Lab “Sleep deprivation enhances the place keeping errors, reduces the attention lapses.” which affects all facets of life. 

We all need to get a good sound sleep each and every day in order to rejuvenate ourselves and to feel fresh each day. Furthermore, We all know that humans can survive without eating but not without sleep. So isn’t sleeping the most important factor for a living?

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Of Course, Sleep won’t only make you feel fresh and better but also will help in being in a better mood, a sharper mind, Controlled weight, in keeping heart healthy, in reducing stress level, in reducing the chance of diabetes and can also help in changing one’s lifestyle as a good sound sleep works best for the body as well as the mind.

“Lack of Sleep may lead to severe diseases.”

Here in this post, we are going to share a few benefits of sleep and also going to answer the frequently asked questions related to sleep:-


Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked –

Benefits of Sleeping Naked_ Creativeaditi

Removing your clothes and sleeping naked holds tremendous benefits. We usually focus on having a sound sleep each day but a study showed that sleeping naked can have numerous health benefits, from reducing the stress in the body to having a continuous flow of blood circulation, sleeping naked can boost up an individual’s confidence as they feel good about themselves. Sleeping naked can also result in the body being healthier and lighter.

Well, a lot of efforts are being made by people to have a good sleep. However, just stripping down your clothes before going to bed improves the quality of sleep to a larger extent. It’s highly recommended to sleep naked in order to enjoy the above-given benefits.

Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor –

Sleeping on Floor_ Creativeaditi

Ditching your mattress and sleeping on the floor might sound weird to you. As we all are used to sleeping comfortably on beds everyday and live life king size. But one should try and occasionally sleep on the floor even if it is not normal in today’s time. Sleeping on the floor helps you cure back pain, get a deeper sleep, and correct your sleeping posture. 

I personally have slept on the floor several times to deal with my back and neck pains so that I could take a deep sleep.

What are the benefits of sleeping without pillow?

Sleeping without Pillow_ Creativeaditi

Yes, You read it right, sleeping without a pillow can be beneficial for a human and its body. Though we all are used to sleeping on a big fluffy pillow here is something you should know – the benefits of sleeping without pillow are countless. Since it alienates all the pains for the back pain to the neck pain. Sleeping without a pillow makes sure that one sleeps in a proper posture. 

If you are someone who can’t sleep without a pillow, choose to keep a folded blanket or towel instead of a fluffy pillow. Also, remember that sleeping without a pillow may not be a great idea for every single person, it majorly depends on your health and your comfort.                            

“Sleep better, live better.”

What are the benefits of getting enough sleep?

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Sound sleep repairs our muscles, detoxes our internal body organs, releases good hormones, reduces stress level, saves your heart, mind, spur creativity, improves your overall performance, increases your lifespan, and many more. 

It’s imperative to have a good sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours on a daily basis to enjoy the actual benefits of sleep. As adults get less time with their busy schedule it’s advisable to sleep a minimum of 6-8 good hours every day. Sleeping early helps the body to be more relaxed and tranquil.

Good sleep plays a major role in keeping the body fit to keep the mind fit and activates all the body parts. One should Sleep early to reap the health benefits of sleep.

A good night’s sleep can have penetrating benefits from improving the focus and concentration to reduce the stress level, helping you to maintain your weight, and last but not the least it can also help in building a strong immune system which we all crave for in this coronavirus time.

How to get better sleep?    

Sleeping _ Creativeaditi Here are things to help you sleep. To have a good sound sleep you can follow these methods – 

  1. First remove the night distractions like phones, laptops, televisions.
  2. Turn on and listen to relaxing soothing music.   
  3. Pick a good book and start reading it for 30 mins at least.
  4. Once you finish your reading, sit straight on your bed and practice deep breathing slowly for 10-12 times. 
  5. Lay on your bed comfortably and try to sleep every day at the same time. 

Sleeping early and regularly at the same time helps you to get sound sleep. 

“To improve your performance, you should have sound and adequate sleep.”

What are the benefits of deep sleep?

Benefits of Deep Sleep_ Creativeaditi

Along with the adequate amount of sleep, the quality of sleep also matters a lot. There are different stages even in your sleep cycle. The deep sleep cycle is the best stage where one is restoring all the energies and he is feeling at ease and relaxed. This stage is vital for body repairing, as the pituitary gland releases growth hormone which enhances muscle growth and tissue repairing process.

According to researchers – “Deep Sleep is the stage where the Immune system gets repaired”. Sound sleep for athletes is very necessary. That’s the only reason good national and international players focus more on deep sleep to improve their performance.

With a good amount of deep sleep, we are also less prone to diseases and live a longer and happier life. 

How much sleep do I need?

Sound Sleep_ Creativeaditi

Ideally, 8 hours of sound sleep is good enough for adults. 8 hours out of the 24 hours of the day should be solely dedicated to sleep. It can have several health benefits all around as it could help in lifting your mood up, could relax your mental health (the most talked topic about) and can also help in improving memory down the line.

“Sleeping more on your weekends to compensate for your weekdays sleep is not at all a good idea. It is not going to help you improve your performance.”

The Final Wrap Up –

To sum up, all these sleeping habits could improve you and your body in a massive way and you can be ready for a challenge in life as a good night’s sleep can cure everything and the mind can think positively and respond in a better way to the obstacles of life. 

Have a Deep Sound Sleep Every Day.

Happy Sleeping.


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