About Aditi Upadhyay

About Aditi Upadhyay (Creativeaditi) –

Aditi Upadhyay is the Founder of Merakee, a complete marketing company in Indore. Having 5+years of Industry experience and handling various digital marketing projects nationally and internationally.

Aditi Upadhyay in Disney LandShe is a Courageous Traveller, Passionate Writer👩🏻‍💻 , Dedicated Runner 🏃‍♀️, and a Smart Digital Marketer👩🏻‍🏫.

Her Mantra is – “I love💖what I do and do what I Love💖“.

Aditi Upadhyay _ Creative Aditi

She is from the cleanest city of India (Indore) with a passion to become a marathoner.  A Chubby girl who started running to get into shape but now she loves running like anything and love to help first-time runners.

Creative Aditi_ Aditi Upadhyay

Her day starts with running miles and ends with managing and organizing a bunch of project files.

She loves doing her work and feels LIFE when she does writing, reading, and running. She believes in the power of visualization & creation. And magic & miracle happens and almighty exists.


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