About Aditi Upadhyay

About Aditi Upadhyay (Creativeaditi) –

Aditi Upadhyay is a blogger who loves to write on health, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, fitness, skin care and hair care. She believes in living life to its fullest. She likes to share her life experiences, and love to express herself through this blog. Creative Aditi is her pen name. 

She the Founder of Merakee, a complete marketing company in Indore. Having 5+years of Industry experience and handling various digital marketing projects nationally and internationally.

Aditi Upadhyay in Disney LandShe is a Courageous Traveller, Passionate Writer👩🏻‍💻 , Dedicated Runner 🏃‍♀️, and a Smart Digital Marketer👩🏻‍🏫.

Her Mantra is – “I love💖what I do and do what I Love💖“.

Aditi Upadhyay _ Creative Aditi

She is from the cleanest city of India (Indore) with a passion to become a marathoner.  A Chubby girl who started running to get into shape but now she loves running like anything and love to help first-time runners.

Creative Aditi_ Aditi Upadhyay

Her day starts with running miles and ends with managing and organizing a bunch of project files.

She loves doing her work and feels LIFE when she does writing, reading, and running. She believes in the power of visualization & creation. And magic & miracle happens and almighty exists.


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