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Are you very much worried about your dull face, wrinkles around the eyes, chubby cheeks, double chin, face fat? It is quite obvious to worry as the face is the very first thing we see when we meet someone for the first time and it leaves the first impression. 

Make sure to leave your first impression lasting. For this, Facial yoga exercises are the best way to get rid of facial fat and get glowing and sparkling skin. 

I can assure you that this post is surely going to help you. I am going to reveal the surprising benefits of facial yoga exercises or yoga for face fat which will help you get a glowing, flawless and youthful face and you can say bye-bye to wrinkles and skin sagging. 

So, Let’s go – 

What is Facial Yoga?

Facial Yoga

Facial yoga is the set of exercises or set of movements of yoga to reduce face fat and to release the tension from your neck, forehead, jawlines, Cheeks, and under eyes. 

People do have these questions in their mind when it comes to Yoga for Face fat –

How Face yoga works? Or Do yoga Facial Exercises Work? 

Yes, Facial Yoga works wonders. Actually, Facial Yoga exercises relax the face muscles, release the tension, reduce face fat, and help face muscles to regain the lost strength. Facial exercises improve the blood circulation and oxygen repairs the damaged tissues and cells. Overall, face yoga is the best and natural way to firm your skin, rejuvenates your face, and regain your youthful appearance. 

  1. Kiss and Smile –

Facial Yoga exercise

Kiss and Smile facial exercise helps to reduce facial fat and double chin. 

How it works – Sit straight and look at the ceiling then open your mouth and smile. Do this 20times in a single round and repeat the set of the same three times.

2. Fuller Cheeks –

Yoga Face Exercise

Full cheeks give shape to cheeks.

How it works – Fill the air into your mouth and hold it for at least 30 seconds. Then slowly release the air. Repeat the same 3 times. 

3. Smiling Face –

Yoga for Face

Smiling Face regulates blood circulation and releases tension.

How it works – Keep the smile on your face and slowly extend your smile and hold it for 15seconds. Repeat this for two-three times. 

4. Lion Face –

Face exercise

Lion Face tightens your facial skin and helps in reducing the dark circles under eyes.

How it works – Keep your tongue out and look upside and hold this position for a few seconds and repeat the same position 4-5 times. 

5. Eyes Rotation –

Facial yoga exercise for Eyes

Eyes rotation increases blood circulation around eyes, which keeps eye muscles relaxed.

How it works – The first close and open your eyes a few times and start rotating the eyes in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. Then look up-down-right-left, repeat this for a few times then slowly close your eyes again to relax. You can blink your eyes continuously for a few times also. 

What are the Benefits of Facial Yoga? 

Here are the 9 best benefits of doing facial yoga exercises – 

Facial yoga for Perfect skin

  1. It helps you to look younger.
  2. It enhances and improves the blood circulation of the face. 
  3. It helps to release the stress and tension on our neck and forehead.
  4. It strengthens the face muscles.
  5. It tightens and tones the facial skin. 
  6. It makes your skin glow and faces radiant.
  7. It reduces wrinkles and dark circles (around the eyes). 
  8. It eliminates skin sagging and double chin.
  9. It gives a perfect shape to your cheeks.

Can Facial Exercises Tighten Skin?

Face yoga for glowing skin

Yes, Facial Exercises tighten skin. Because of aging, muscle loss is quite common. Yoga Facial exercises help to regain those muscle strengths, reduce face fat which tightens your skin, and make it glow flawlessly. 

How Facial Yoga Exercise is Different from other Yoga Practices?

YOga Exercise

Facial yoga exercise is especially for the face. It is the set of exercises for your face. Whereas other yoga practices like yoga asanas, hatha yoga, power yoga are different forms of yoga for the whole body.  

Does Face Yoga help to remove Wrinkles and Dark Circles?5 Easy Facial Yoga Exercises to Reduce Face Fat and Double Chin 1

The highly sensitive part of your face is under your eyes. When you grow up, the lines under the eyes start to come out, commonly we call it wrinkles. So to get rid of those wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, facial yoga exercise or face yoga works wonders and it helps your face to shine flawlessly. 

Do Face Yoga Exercises help to Reduce Double Chin?

Face Fat

Yes, consistency is the key to success. With easy facial exercise for double chin and yoga for face fat, you can easily reduce face fat, double chin in a month or two.      

How much Time Should We Do Facial Yoga in a Day?

15-30 mins of facial yoga exercise regularly can make you look 2-4 years younger. As facial yoga exercise helps you to increase the blood circulation, leaves a natural glow, tightens the skin, and reduces the tension.   Glowing skin with Yoga facial exercise

People do facial yoga to reduce face fat, to improve the jawline, for clear skin, to reduce wrinkles, for slim face, and for a youthful and beautiful face.     

Once you start doing Facial yoga you can feel the actual changes you were looking for. I strongly recommend you to do facial yoga exercises for your face (as explained above). You can reduce face fat, double chin, skin sagging, dark circles, under-eye lines and you will get a glowing, youthful, tightened, toned, firm skin and get a desirable shape of your cheeks and jawlines you were actually looking for. 

What are the Best and Easy Facial Exercises to Reduce Face Fat?

There are many I am sharing the best and effective facial yoga exercises to reduce face fat. Here are few – 

1. Smile Wide –

This exercise releases the tension around the jawlines, lips, chin, and cheeks.  

Sit or stand in front of the mirror comfortably. Stretch the mouth/lips from the sides. Gradually increase the wideness of your smile. Once you extend to the max you should have that pose for 30sec. Now come back to a normal face. Repeat it 3-5 times. 

Broad smile - a facial yoga exercise

2. Touch Chin to Chest –  

To get rid of double chin and facial fat. 

This is an amazing exercise to remove the double chin. Sit or stand straight slowly bring your chin down and try to touch your chin to your chest. Hold for 10seconds and then come back to normal. Repeat this for 5times.     

3. Fish face –

Strengthen the face muscles and give shape to your cheeks. 

For fish face facial exercise, pull your cheeks inside your mouth like a fish and hold the pose for 10-15 seconds. Repeat it for 5times to get the toned facial muscles. 

Fish Face to reduce face fat_ Creativeaditi

The Final Wrap up –

Facial exercises are easy and good for your face muscles. Do these facial yoga exercises at least once in a whole day and see the changes in a month. I have gained the benefit and hope the same for you. 

Happy Yoga. 



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