While discussing the things with My mentor, He said – “Aditi smile, smile when you say. I don’t like your worrying face”.

I was amazed! I haven’t even noticed that I may sound worrying.

Happiness is all you need. 1

Then he asked me to record my own voice. I did that and then he suggested me to repeat those words and record it again – but now with a smile on your face.

Guys you won’t believe, after doing this, I realized a big difference in my both audios irrespectively I was repeating the same words. And I bet you guys will like the second audio only.

His concept was simple. That day he wanted me to teach the life’s biggest lesson. You know what was that? It was –

“To be happy is the most important thing in your life.”

You may have heard, listened to or read it somewhere but you know what? Life is all about this only. Your happiness is the most important thing in this life.

Happiness is all you need. 2

You may have seen a lot many people in your life who possess all the materialistic things and worldly pleasures but still, you may have found them unhappy. The reason is simple – we are born and raised in such condition and situations where nobody teaches us to be happy neither our teachers nor our families.

They all were and are trying to give us targets and helping us to achieve those goals. Those targets include good score, big college, nice job, good looking life partner, one beautiful home, one car, two children and this way you end up your life with nothing because you were damn busy in acquiring all the stuff and targets. Even many add deadlines to these targets –

They have their set deadlines or age bars. Till you turn 23 you should have PG degree, after this should have a nice job, marry in 25-26, car in 27, have a first child in 28, home in 30 and then plan the next baby before 32. Till you reach 35 you are bagged by these many responsibilities that you can’t even think of joy and happiness. You try hard to find you happiness in your possession that you hold – it can be your degree, home, car or anything else. And if in case you miss any of the deadlines or set target – be prepared to be bullied by your so-called relatives, neighbours and society.

Guys, take a pause and think

Are these things so important that we are ready to surrender our whole life in achieving and acquiring these stuffs. Is it damn that worthy?

Happiness is all you need. 3

I know the deep voice inside you also saying a Big “NO” to all these.

So what to do when you know the things for which you are running are not going to give you happiness.

I have a solutions that is tried and tested. Wanna know?

Before the sure short solution to your problem think –

If today is your last day on the Earth? Then what will you do? How will you spend your whole day – In worrying or in the state of joy?

Look choice is yours. Overall, tomorrow you are going to leave this life for forever (as per the case, assumed, really, I don’t mean it).

Things on this earth, people in your life, your fucking Job, achievements and possessions you had, will of no meaning if you are not here. Everyone’s life will go the same. Yeah, some close friends, people and family will cry for few days after that all will slowly involve in their lives and start living their lives. Nobody bothers for you and this planet will not destroy when you leave it.

So why to live in worry and hurry. Enjoy your life to the fullest, make your ultimate goal is to be happy. Each time and every time. Don’t die in seriousness, live fully to enjoy each moment. When you keep yourself happy your will start attracting the positive things in your life and thus you will grow.

Remember everything in this world is temporary, problems will come and go all you have to focus on your happiness. Stay happy, hopeful and humble in your life.


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