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Easy Run

11 Best Running Tips for Beginners or First Time Runners

Want to shed some pounds or lose weight? Seeking for some enjoyable form of exercise? Fed up of your sedentary lifestyle or your old workout regime and want to move more? ...

Self-Care: Are you working on yourself?

We all are busy - Working. Even we don’t have time for self-care. We are busying in - house cleaning, taking care of others, going to the office, cooking food, washing clothes,...

How I started my running regime

If you have ever run any marathon, half marathon or participated in short runs like 5 or 10kms then you must have experienced that running is a bit harder and you...

Happiness is all you need.

While discussing the things with My mentor, He said - “Aditi smile, smile when you say. I don’t like your worrying face”. I was amazed! I haven’t even noticed that I...
Angel and devil

Good comes after bad

In life, it is not like - you are going to have only dark nights. After dark shattered nights, the Sun will rise again. You will get the beautiful mornings in...